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Frequency Settings in Automations

Learn how you can change the frequency setting and what benefit it provides

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By enabling the Frequency setting in the Automation Trigger, you may restrict contacts from triggering the workflow if they have already done so. This can help you align your marketing automations with each other and ensure you are not sending messages with identical content repeatedly.

Setting up the Frequency

After enabling the Frequency setting, you can decide whether you'd prefer not to trigger the workflow for the contacts that entered this particular sequence:

  • at any time in the past;

  • in the last # of hours, days, or weeks.

This option is available in all automations. In most pre-set flows, it is disabled, but for those based on browsing behavior, it is enabled and is set to 1 day. There are a few aspects to consider when enabling the Frequency and choosing the restriction.

Browsing behavior

When customers browse your store, they might trigger browsing-based automation. The customer could revisit the same page several times or add a few products to the cart. If you disable the Frequency, the same customer will trigger a bunch of messages in a short period.

Message content

The main benefit of automations is that you can set them once and then forget them for their lifetime. However, it also constrains you from changing the content of your messages. If your customer has triggered the Abandoned Cart workflow recently, the content of the message might be too fresh.

Other workflows

It is your ultimate goal to approach your customers every time they interact with your store. By placing an order in your store, the customer opens a window for various other workflows, including Shipping Confirmation, Order Follow-up, Cross-selling, and Customer Reactivation. Using the Frequency setting, you can exclude some of the messages from the post-purchase series and leave those essential or generate more sales.

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