Product Abandoned workflow is one of the workflows from our Abandonment series. The main difference between this sequence and Abandoned Cart one is that your customer doesn't need to add the product to the cart or start the check-out process, Omnisend will still capture the product/products your customer has browsed and show them in the email message.

When setting up this automation, you should keep in mind that reviewing some of the products in your store doesn't indicate the same level of engagement as Abandoning a Cart, therefore, it is better to lighten your trigger settings or add a time frame restriction to prevent this automation triggering for the same customer. Continue reading this article to find more information about each of these options.

Before you start

Currently Product Abandonment is available on the following platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce module 1.6.0 or newer
  • Magento 1, module 1.2.0 or newer
  • Integrations via API v3

This feature is available under the Automation tab and can be used by Omnisend Trial, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Setup process

To create Product Abandoned automation navigate to the Automations tab -> New workflow ->  shopper Product Abandoned. 

Product Abandonment automation setup process is very similar to other automation workflows setup on Omnisend. It consists of a couple of standard steps: trigger, delay, message, end of the workflow. See the info below for Product Abandonment setup or jump to a video on how to set up an automation workflow or how to edit automation workflow to add more emails to it.


The trigger for this workflow is preset to “Viewed Product”. 

Each time a subscriber leaves your store while viewing products, he enters the workflow. Depending on the delay you set, your customer receives a message about it and once the message is sent, he exits the workflow. 

In the trigger settings, you can set the restriction to not trigger the same automation for the specified period. In case the customer has visited your store several times within the same day, only one automation will be triggered. 

Keep in mind, if you have Abandoned Cart sequence in place, the Product Abandoned will be canceled. However, you may still have some other automation workflows in place. Since this automation is rather intended to capture the attention of the one-time visitors, we would recommend setting the delay to 10 - 15 days to avoid sending to many emails to your loyal customers.

In the Audience Filter settings, you can set the automation to be triggered for some audiences only. Find more information on the Audience Filters here.

Important: the message can be triggered only in case the customer provided some personal data before viewing the product. 


Delay step allows you to choose the delay for email to be sent - time Omnisend will wait from trigger to sending email. You can  edit the default delay (1 hour) to hours, days, weeks or months. 

Important: the delays will always be counted starting from the end of the previous event, not from the trigger. 


In the Abandoned Product sequence, you can add the email message or SMS block. Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring the link to the products your customers were viewing to the SMS message. Nevertheless, the email message comes with the Abandoned products Content Block, which will automatically populate the information about products your customer was checking before abandoning the store.

Important! If you want to add more than one channel to the sequence, you need to add a check-mark next to the Pass non-opted-in contact to the next workflow step option.

End of the workflow

Customers exit the workflow in the following scenarios:

  1. When they receive the email; 
  2. When they add a product to their cart
  3. When they make a purchase. This cancellation trigger is added by default:

You can add additional cancellation rules and triggers, just click Edit cancellation:

In the Cancellation trigger settings, up to 5 Cancellation triggers can be added to a single automation:

If you need to choose a different trigger, add another cancellation trigger to the workflow. If you want to add another trigger rule to the existing trigger, use the Add filter option. 

Important: the same order cannot be paid and authorized at the same time. If you want to cancel the workflow for the order having Paid OR Authorized status, the OR operator needs to be used.

Automation statistics

In the automation settings, you can see how many customers triggered the sequence, are in the sequence at the moment, have exited the sequence because of the cancellation event.

By checking the information after each of the blocks, you can see how many customers have passed each of the automation stages.

If you see that 22 customers out of 25 received your email, the rest of the customers should be on one of the sequence stages or have exited the workflow due to the cancellation event.


Like all other Automation features, Product Abandonment reports are available at the Reports tab. You can find the standard list of reports: number of emails sent, open and click rate, sales generated, and removed, as well as month by month view and Activity feed with detailed information.


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