View in browser link enables your newsletter recipients to view the web-version of the email message that is stored on our servers. Adding this link to your email message preheader may protect your newsletter recipients from any issues with displaying images or viewing HTML emails.

The link with the default text is automatically added to all templates and presets in the Preheader content block in all Email Campaigns.

In the content block settings, you may change the description of the link, as well as the text alignment. Here, you may also pick the color, font, change the background.

We are not storing Emails from the Automations on our servers, and for that reason, you can't add them to your Automated messages.

After clicking on this link, the customer will see the Email message content that is tailored and personalized based on the account data. Therefore, if you have added your customer name or any other property specific for that client, it will be displayed in the Email message content.

You will also see your customers' signature assigned to the View in browser link. This signature will define the content of the message and identify your contacts for clicks and opens reporting.[progress id]/[account id]?signature=[unique part]

Be aware that sharing this link will spread cookies dedicated to you to other contacts browsers. As a result, their behavior on your website will be attributed to you. This phenomenon is also called a lost cookies problem and can be solved by clearing chance and cookies in the recipients' browsers.

If you want to share the link to the web version of your Email that doesn't carry your contacts signature, you should adjust the link to the following format:[PROGRESS_ID]/0

Your Campaign progress ID can be found in the Reports section:

This link won't be attributed to any of your customers and won't spread your cookies.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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