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Owids is a platform that aims to help website owners quickly add widgets to their website without any coding skills. You can easily create professional-looking widgets that will perfectly match the overall look and feel of the website. It helps your website engage visitors and catch their attention without any headache.


Setup Process

Firstly, create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

Copy the API key you've created and go to your Owids account -> Widgets. If you have a widget created already, click on its name to open the settings. If you don't have any widgets created, create one first.

In the widget settings go to the Integrations tab and click 'Add a service' button:

Select Omnisend among other Email marketing apps:

Then paste the API key in the popup window and click 'Submit':

The page will be refreshed and the Omnisend integration will be saved. To enable Omnisend for this widget, click 'Add a service' once again and you'll see the Omnisend integration on the left. Click 'Add integration':

Omnisend integration will be enabled for your widget. Make sure to save the changes by clicking 'Save' (or 'Save&stay if you still want to work on other aspects of your widget)

That's it! Every new contact your widget will collect will be passed to Omnisend. If you've collected any contact priot to enabling the integration, they won't be passed to Omnisend.

If you have multiple widgets and you want them to pass contacts to Omnisend as well, you'll need to add Omnisend integration under the Integrations tab for each of them separately.

What data is passed

Owids passes these contact data points to Omnisend:

  • Email address (subscribed status);

  • Email opt-in date;

  • Name (if collected);

  • tag 'owids'

Send Welcome Email to Owids Subscribers

To send automated emails to Owids contacts create a segment based on the 'owids' tag:

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger, and select your segment as trigger filter:

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