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Wix Bookings SMS not delivered
Wix Bookings SMS not delivered

Learn why SMS messages sometimes don't get delivered

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In this article, we present the reasons why SMS messages sometimes might not be delivered & how to improve your delivery rates.


Reasons why SMS messages might not be delivered

1. Your client might have entered a landline/fax/false number

2. Your client might have entered their number in the wrong format

It could be that your client didn’t use an international number code.

3. You might need a verified toll-free number to deliver your message (US only)

You might have added marketing-like phrases like “pay now” or “get 50% off”. In this case, sending SMS messages to the US market will require you to verify your toll-free number.

For more info on how to verify it, please read the Toll-free number verification.

4. Some mobile network providers might reject the sent message and not deliver it

The reasons might be there is no SMS service in the recipient's area or the destination can't be reached.

Recommendations on how to improve SMS deliverability

1. Make the phone number field required in your Wix account

This will help to ensure that Omnisend gets the phone number with the correct International format.

How to do it:

  • Log in to your Wix account and make the phone number a required field.

2. Use the international format when entering the client's mobile number manually

How to do it:

  • Avoid entering numbers without international prefixes, such as (425) 555-1212.

  • Instead, enter numbers with international prefixes like +14255551212.

3. Make sure you have a verified toll-free number (US only)

For more info on how to verify it, please read Toll-free number verification.

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