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Integration with Wix
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Omnisend for Wix seamlessly links your Wix Stores or Wix Bookings site with your Omnisend account. This integration leverages your website data to activate order-based automations, order segmentation, and list expansion.

Discover how to use your website data for powerful marketing tools like order-based automations and precise segmentation. If you're using Wix Bookings, learn how to streamline online service bookings for your business.

Wix Integration Benefits

Once you have your store connected to your Omnisend account, you can get access to the following package of features:

  • Supported customer events: Started Checkout, Placed Order, Signup;

  • Channels: SMS, Email, Push Notifications;

  • Automations: Abandoned checkout, Customer reactivation, Welcome, Order Followup, Birthday(Anniversary);

  • Omnisend Signup Forms;

  • Segmentation (Available pre-built segments): Celebrating birthday, Contacts from the United States, US & CA SMS Subscribers, US SMS Subscribers;

  • Full reports of campaigns and automations (no attributed order information).

Integrating Wix with Omnisend

To connect your Wix website with your Omnisend account, you'll need to follow steps described below:

Step 1. Register an Omnisend account.

Step 2. In your Omnisend Dashboard, click Connect store to open the Wix store connection wizard. You can also connect your store from your profile menu.

Step 3. Select Wix as your ecommerce platform.

Step 4. To connect your Wix store, click the Connect store button.

Step 5. You will be redirected to Wix, where you need to add Omnisend app to your website; for this, click Add to Site.

Step 6. You will now see the permissions page, where you need to click Agree & Add.

Step 7. Once the app is connected, you get to choose if you want to use Omnisend for your Wix Bookings website or Wix Store. Below, we'll review both scenarios of the connection wizard.

Scenario 1. Notify my clients about their bookings

First, select the Wix Bookings option and click Create Omnisend account.

Then, you will be prompted to automatically set up different notifications based on Message type and communication channels. Select the messages you'd like to send and click Turn on automated messages.

Note you can also click Do this later. You can change the communications channels or edit messages at any time. Everything is customizable.

On the next page, you can enter your phone number and send a test message to your number to check what you'll be sending to your clients. Click Continue whenever ready or if you want to skip this step.

Next, you can pick a pricing plan with more SMS or stick with Free and click the close button.

Finally, we'll import brand assets from your website to Omnisend; click Save brand assets if you like how it looks.

All done now; your Wix Bookings website is now connected with Omnisend.

Scenario 2. Do email & SMS marketing for my ecommerce business

First, select the Wix Stores option and click Create Omnisend account.

Then, we'll import brand assets from your website to Omnisend; click Save brand assets if you like how it looks.

All done now; your Wix Store is now connected with Omnisend.

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