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In this guide, we will walk you through how to use Gmail Annotations to enhance the visibility of your emails and improve the user experience for your recipients.

For now, Gmail Annotations are an exclusive tool for Discount item only. Enable this feature in a few clicks, and make sure to add the discount description.

What Are Gmail Annotations?

Gmail Annotations are a feature specifically designed for promotional emails. They allow you to include additional information about your promotions.

This additional information is displayed in the recipient's inbox, making your email more noticeable. Please note that this feature is only visible to Gmail users who view their inbox in the 'Promotions' tab.


  • Preview Without Opening. Gmail Annotations allow you to show a sneak peek of your email's content without the recipient needing to open it. This preview can include various elements such as promotions, images, expiration dates, and more.

  • Engage Recipients. By offering this quick preview, Gmail Annotations encourage the recipient to click and open your email.

  • Stand Out. Imagine your email catching attention among other promotions with striking images, enticing offers, and a sense of urgency due to a near-expiration date.

  • Enhanced Visibility. Gmail Annotations not only make your emails more noticeable but also enrich the user experience by providing important information upfront.

Boost Your Email Open Rates

Gmail Annotations are a powerful tool that is often overlooked but can greatly increase your email open rates. By offering a preview of your email content right in the inbox, they entice recipients to click and open your emails. So, why not give it a try?

Here's what it looks like in your customers' inboxes.

With a little effort and creativity, you can make your emails stand out and significantly improve your email open rates. Start utilizing Gmail Annotations today to enhance your email marketing efforts and engage your audience effectively.


What is the best way to test Gmail annotations?

The most effective way to test Gmail annotations is to create a segment that includes only your email address and send a real-condition campaign to that segment. This method allows you to observe how annotations will be displayed to actual recipients without affecting your entire audience.

Do Gmail annotations show up in test campaigns or previews?

No, Gmail annotations may not be visible in test campaigns or previews. To accurately test how annotations appear, it is recommended to follow the workaround mentioned earlier by creating a segment with your email address and sending a real-condition campaign to that segment.

For help with any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting guide at

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