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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released weekly.

In this article, you will find essential information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more!


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A/B Testing

We are excited to introduce a powerful feature – A/B testing for forms. This new feature empowers you to fine-tune and optimize your popup forms for maximum performance and user engagement.

With A/B testing, you can experiment with various aspects of your forms, such as copywriting, visuals, display settings, and more. Make data-driven decisions to enhance conversion rates and the overall user experience by comparing two form versions.

Back in Stock for WooCommerce

We understand the importance of maximizing every opportunity to engage with your store visitors and turn them into loyal subscribers. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our Back-in-Stock functionality, now available for Woocommerce users.

Our Back-in-Stock feature is a powerful tool that enables you to capture additional subscribers. It addresses a common challenge: visitors who would otherwise leave your website without any way to recover their browsing session.

With this feature, you can bring them back, re-engage them, and ultimately increase your conversions.

Note that the feature will work only if you use WooCommerce 6.4, WooCommerce Blocks 7.2, or higher version.

Countdown Timer Item

We're excited to announce that Omnisend now offers the capability to integrate countdown timers into your signup forms seamlessly.

Countdown timers are the secret sauce in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing. They add that extra spark, that element that makes customers sit up and take notice. Whether it's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other significant event, countdown timers work wonders to advance your strategy.

Removing Subscribed Message

Now, when a subscribed customer submits the form on your website, you can remove the "Subscribed" page altogether. This means no more extra steps or distractions for your users.

Whether you want to show discounts to everyone, including both existing subscribers and new sign-ups, or you prefer a cleaner, one-page experience, the choice is yours.

New Targeting

Get ready to revolutionize your user engagement with our new Targeting options. Tailor your forms to reach the right audience precisely, boosting conversions and creating a more personalized user experience.

Here's how it works:

  • All Visitors. Show your form to everyone who lands on your website.

  • Don't Show to Existing Contacts. Exclusively target new visitors and potential leads, leaving your existing subscribers untouched.

  • Show to Existing Contacts. Provide exclusive offers and updates to your loyal subscribers.

Copying Forms

Now, you can easily copy forms between different brands. Save time and ensure consistency across your stores with this convenient update.

New Templates

Get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with our new form templates, optimized for both Email and SMS. Plus, for your holiday celebrations, we've moved them to the top. Get ahead of the game with our new templates!

Email Builder

Gmail Annotations

We are introducing Gmail Annotations, a special feature crafted for promotional emails. With Annotations, you can provide extra details about your promotions, which are prominently displayed within the recipient's inbox.

Please remember that this enhancement is exclusively visible to Gmail users who access their inbox via the 'Promotions' tab, ensuring your emails grab their attention and stand out.

Product Recommender Updates

You can now combine various types of Product Recommenders in a single email, allowing you to send Best Sellers, Newest, and Personalized recommendations all in one message.

This feature empowers you to deliver more diverse and engaging content to your subscribers, enhancing their email experience and increasing engagement. Get ready to create even more dynamic and personalized email campaigns!

Letter Spacing

Get ready to enhance your template designs with customizable letter spacing styling. You'll have the flexibility to fine-tune text spacing, with values ranging from -1px to 48px, allowing for more personalized templates. Tailor your designs to perfection!

Background Images

You can now effortlessly add background images to your email, unlocking a world of creative and unique design possibilities for our users. Personalize your emails like never before and leave a lasting impression with stunning backgrounds.


Nested Properties

You can now use nested properties in Segmentation to create highly detailed segments on event properties without limitations.

We've made it easy for you to search for specific properties and distinguish between similar names using a source path, ensuring a clearer understanding of your data.

New Pre-built Segments

We're introducing a "Coming Soon" tag for pre-built segments that will be added to our product shortly.

Plus, we've launched three new BFCM-focused pre-built segments—Window shoppers, Last-minute shoppers, and Deal hunters—empowering you to target potential BFCM shoppers effectively. These enhancements will help you deliver the right messages during the BFCM period and transform your emails into attributed orders.

And don't miss our latest addition: the Started checkout but didn't place an order, Added product to the cart but didn’t place an order, and Birthday celebrators pre-built segments.

Anniversary Properties

We've added a new "Anniversary" section to the segmentation dropdown menu, featuring all contact properties with a date value type. The default operator, "anniversary is in the next," makes it easy for you to create anniversary segments, allowing you to send best wishes and special incentives and strengthen customer relationships for enhanced engagement and loyalty.


We've introduced a new public integration with the nopCommerce ecommerce platform. Connecting your store has never been easier – select "nopCommerce," follow the provided instructions, download the app, and paste the generated API key to establish a quick and seamless connection, eliminating the need for manual configuration and streamlining the process.


Our new Call Forwarding feature simplifies the process for your customers to call you. They only need to dial the number from the SMS they received from you through Omnisend, and we ensure that the call is directed to your business phone.

This feature applies to the US market only and requires your toll-free number to be verified.

Have any other questions? We are here for you at [email protected] 24/7.

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