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The Flyout form is designed to provide a seamless and non-intrusive user experience by gracefully sliding into view from outside the screen.

This user guide will help you understand how to leverage this feature and maximize its unique capabilities.


  • Graceful Entrance. Unlike traditional popups, the Flyout form gracefully slides in from outside the screen, minimizing disruption to user activities.

  • Continuous Visibility. The form remains visible as you navigate the page, allowing the background to stay clickable and fully interactive.

  • Mobile-Friendly. Specifically designed with a mobile focus, the Flyout form looks sleek on mobile devices, seamlessly adhering to the sides without horizontal margins.

It's important to note that the Flyout feature is currently in beta. The BETA status is indicated on templates.

How to Create a Flyout Form

Navigate to Forms →Click on Create Form. Under the Style section, select Flyout. Choose a template from the available options that suits your needs.

You will find four brand-new templates. You can quickly start utilizing them to create visually appealing forms.

Alternatively, you can switch your current form display type to Flyout in the form builder settings. Go to Theme settingsForm Layout and pick Flyout under Display type.

All the settings available for your form, as well as the items you can add to it, are identical to those for the popup form. Please refer to our main guide for more detailed information on what you can include and how to set them up.

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