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Scheduling your Signup Forms
Scheduling your Signup Forms

Learn how you can schedule your sign up form for special events

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Long-term projects require careful planning of time and resources. Building promotional holiday signup forms or running time-sensitive sales or events can benefit significantly from the well-planned scheduling of your signup forms.


Before you begin

  • Scheduling allows you to make your sign-up form live starting from a specific date, during special timeframes, or ending at a specific date;

  • You can schedule landing pages and popup sign-up forms in Omnisend;

  • Scheduling form is not enough to make it live, you need to enable it, and only then the scheduling will act as set up in Form Builder. Read more in FAQ section.

  • Scheduled forms are enabled at 12 AM based on the timezone set in your Contact information (My profile icon in the bottom right corner → Store SettingsContact information and scroll down to the end of the page)

    time zone settings

Setup process

Step 1. Create a new sign-up form (landing page or popup) from the Forms tab, use the one you already have, and click edit.

Step 2. Design your form the way you'd like it to look to make it perfect. You are able to make changes to the title, description, or image with little effort. In addition, collecting additional information from your customers, such as their phone number, birthday, or even a custom field, is not too difficult of a task.

Step 3. On the right-hand side, go to → Behaviour settings Scheduling.

Choose when to start showing the form and when to turn it off. The options include: always showing the form, selecting a start date, selecting an end date, and selecting start and end days.

Here you can choose a start date, and your form will start working automatically on this day only, in case you are preparing a form for a campaign that has not started yet.

If you are running a sale with a strict end date, choose an end date for your form, which will be turned off automatically.

If you already know when your marketing campaign starts and ends, just choose start and end dates, and the form will be available only between those dates.

Please note that the start date-time is 00:00:00 in the brand's timezone, and the end date is 23:59:59 in the brand's timezone. You can set the timezone in Store settings → Contact Information.

If you're facing difficulties selecting start or end dates for your form, please follow these steps:

  1. Set the End Date First: Begin by selecting your desired end date. This action will then extend the available timeframe for selecting the start date.

  2. Adjust Start Date: Once the end date is set, go back to the start date selection. You should now find that the system allows you to choose any start date.

Step 4. Once you're happy with everything, including the design and the scheduling, all you have to do is turn it on by clicking Enable.

Not Available Message

Since Landing pages are accessed by clicking the link, we felt it necessary to develop a feature that would display a message stating that the page could not be accessed in case a user clicked the link before your promotion is scheduled.

By clicking Not Available at the bottom menu, you can edit the not available message so that your customers know if the offer has expired or not started yet when you set up the scheduling.


If I only schedule the form and save it but forget to enable it, will it still work?

No, the form won't work if it's only saved but not enabled. Even if scheduling is set, you have to enable the form since scheduling starts working only after the form is enabled. Once enabled, you will see the form live in the Forms tab; however, it will only work according to its scheduling rules. It will not be live if it is scheduled for the future. The same applies to expired forms. The form will no longer be shown after clicking on the link because the scheduling date has ended, but the form will be shown as active in the Forms tab because it's enabled.

Need help with any of these features? Contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help!

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