If you are familiar with HTML, you can customize your email campaigns using the “HTML code” element.

How Do You Use the HTML Element?

The new element is easy to use. Like any other Omnisend Email Editor element, you can drag-and-drop HTML code to the place you prefer.

The difference is the content of the element itself. We are making an assumption here that you know what you are doing. Make sure you have not made any syntax or other mistakes. Do not forget to send a test email before launching the entire campaign.

Keep in mind that HTML for web and email differs slightly. In email HTML, avoid using:

  • CSS within the <style> section of your HTML code;
  • background images;
  • JavaScript;
  • <iframe>;
  • Flash;
  • embedded audio and video;
  • forms;
  • <div> layering.

Some key principles of email HTML, as well as differences from web HTML, can be found in our article Basics of email HTML.

Who should I contact in the case of an inaccurate outcome?

If you feel confident about coding or if you have access to a developer, you can design custom HTML elements. However, we don’t always recommend it because of limited email client support. Keep in mind that the Omnisend support team won’t be able to help you with custom code issues. If the custom element does not look as it should, consider contacting the particular code snippet provider.

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