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Integration with Reelevant

Learn how to integrate Omnisend with Reelevant

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In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Omnisend with the Reelevant platform. Personalization took up too much place in the marketing space and if you want to catch your customers, you need to make them feel treated personally. Reelevant is exactly that app you need, if you want to create personalized content that will definitely surprise your customers.


Setup process

Firsly, add HTML block to your email, as shown below.

Then copy the HTML code below and paste it in the HTML block. Make sure to insert the links that you've generated in the Reelevant.

<img src="IMAGE_LINK" width="100%" alt=""/></a>

If you're setting up a block with dynamic content, like customer's name or city, for example, you'll also need to insert Omnisend's personalization links under your Variable's name as on the screenshot below.

Block preview will be loaded right away.


Add personalized block to your Birthday automation email.

1. To do this you need to go to Blocks tab in your Reelevant account and click '+'.

2. Click start creation and add URL parameter.

3. Name it and select 'Live image personalization option'

3. Select Save contents option.

4. Select one of the saved contents and start designing your block.

5. After you're ready with design, you'll need to customize the zone with customer's first name to use the name you have under his/her contact's profile in Omnisend. To do this click on the zone you have FIRSTNAME in your block and click on 'Text' tab. Make sure you have [VARIABLE] there.

6. Go to 'Variables' tab then and select the variable that you've created on steps 2 and 3 by clicking 'Pick a variable' button -> URL param -> name of your variable. Make sure to put some default text in case customer that will receive email hasn't provided you his/her name.

7. Name you content, so it will be saved for the next times.

8. Click save and name your block too.

9. You're ready to generate HTML links now.

10. Add [[]] to Recipient ID field and insert corresponding personalization tag to your Variable field. In this example, it's contact's first name, so it is [[contact.first_name]] .

11. Copy the links and insert in HTML code in the HTML block in your Omnisend's Birthday automation email.

Add these links into the code that you've pasted into the HTML block on the first steps.

Example HTML code:

12. That's it. Click save&close -> save&go back, so this email will be saved in your Birthday automation and your customers will get personalized emails from now on.


Set up countdown for your limited-time offers.

Repeat first 4 steps of the first use-case, but this time select one of the countdown contents.

Then generate HTML, copy links and insert them in your HTML block, as shown in setup process.

Email builder preview:


Is it possible to use Omnisend dynamic variables in Reelevant's countdown block? Unfortunately, it's not possible, but you can use text block right above the HTML block and set the same background color, as for your countdown HTML block. So, on customer's end it will look as one block.

Email builder preview:

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