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Learn which items you can add to your signup form content

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Customize your signup forms with our drag-and-and-drop Items. Add or edit text, buttons, input fields, wheel of fortune, and more using Items.

In this article, you'll learn about various Items available in our Form Builder and how to use them.


Before you begin

  • On the left sidebar, you will be able select and drag&drop specific content items right to your form content.

  • To perfect your signup form, you can add the Email field, Phone number field, Input field, Date, Dropdown, Text, Button, Image, Legal text, Wheel of Fortune, and Line/Space items.

  • An additional Discount item can be added to Success Message only. Read more in the dedicated guide.

Email Field

This Item allows you to add an email input field anywhere you want in the form - just drag and drop the block to the needed position.

Once added, you can change the input placeholder text, make the required email field, and change the text for the required message (the default is "This field is required"). Add the label for the field by naming it "Email" or something like "Leave your email here," etc. Alongside, you will be able to edit the error message for the unsuccessful email submission (the default one is "The email address must contain @ and a valid domain").

Phone Number Field

With this Item, you can add a phone number input field anywhere you want in the form. Once the block is dragged and dropped, you can change the input placeholder text, make the field required, add or remove the label for the field, and change the text for the required message (the default one is "This field is required"). You can also edit the error message for the unsuccessful phone number submission (the default one is "Must be valid phone number").

You can also select a default country for the form submission; the field will always be pre-filled with the chosen country. The country selected will be reflected in the field as a flag sign + country code + the beginning of the country's phone number. Please be aware that the full country name won't be shown.

Also, the phone number field requires a legal block to be added to the form (the US requires TCPA, and the EU requires GDPR). Moreover, you can adjust the legal block according to your country's requirements. You can just read further to learn more about the Legal consent item.

Input Field

You can add an additional input to your form to collect the contact's first name, last name, or city. With this field, your customers need to input their data manually, as the name suggests.

Like with other field blocks, you can make this field required, label it and change the required message. This field type can be styled in the Theme settings β†’ Fields, along with email and phone number fields.

Date Field

You can add an additional date input field to your form to collect the contact's birthday data or map it to a custom property to collect custom dates.

Like with other field blocks, you can make this field required, label it, and change the required message. This field type can be styled in the Theme settings β†’ Fields, along with email and phone number fields.

Dropdown Field

With the Dropdown item, you can start collecting your customers' gender and country data or create your own property with Custom property. Just drag&drop the Item to your form and choose to which profile field it should be mapped: Country, Gender, or Custom property. You can manage placeholders, choices, and labels and decide if you want to make this field required.

If you select Custom Property type, you can choose existing custom properties or create a new one by simply typing its name. The basic properties that come with Omnisend allow you to gather information like Email, Name, Phone Number, etc. In contrast, the custom properties will enable you to collect information that isn't included by default.

You can be more specific with your contact info using the custom property. You can add the choices you need by clicking Add Choice.

Radio button

The radio button Item can be found in the left side panel, and you can easily drag&drop it anywhere in the form. Radio buttons can be mapped to:

  • gender

  • custom property

You can start collecting your customers' gender or any other custom data with this Item. If you select Custom Property type, you can choose existing custom properties or create a new one by simply typing its name.

Your users will need to select one of the options and subscribe as a result:


A checkbox item can be found on the left side panel of your form, giving you the opportunity to easily drag and drop it anywhere within the form. With different checkbox choices, you can map them to custom properties in your store and afterward use them to better segment your audience. Your visitors will be allowed to select one or multiple options when they view the form.

Using a checkbox is a great way to segment your visitors and customers based on their personal data, making it easy for them to make multiple selections within your forms. With a few clicks, you can create multiple options with corresponding values and map these to custom properties in your store. Please note, that all options are recorded in a text value.


Add any text you'd like to your form's content. Simply drag&drop the text item to your form.

To edit the style formatting of your text in a specific block, select the part you want to update. A menu with multiple options to transform your text will appear right below your chosen text β€” navigating to the right-side menu to edit the text style, font, size, line height, and font color.


An essential feature is to add a button to collect an email submission. At the same time, you can add a button with a link to a specific page of your store.

You can switch button action between submitting the form, linking to a particular page, and having multiple buttons added to a single form or going to the next step if your form is multi-step.

You can also use the button to close the form if you are not collecting subscriptions through it and use it as a promotional form.

You can adjust the text, link, button style, and alignment. Don't forget that you can define button styles in Theme settings.


Select the image you want to add to your form content; remember that you can use JPG, PNG, and GIF formats under 2000px in dimensions. You can also add the URL to which your Image will link once the user clicks on this Image.

To resize the added Image, hover over the corner and resize it the way you want.

Don't confuse the Image item with the Image Layout of the form. Image is added to form as a separate item, whereas Form layout can have a built-in image as the background image.

Legal Consent

You should add a legal block with a GDPR or TCPA compliance template prepared directly to your form. In the Form Builder, the legal text is more concise. However, you need to add the privacy policy link. As a best practice, we recommend you provide the info on how customers' emails and phone numbers are used (for marketing purposes) in your privacy policy.

For this sake, you can adjust the text and add your privacy policy link to be fully compliant. You can also edit the error indicating that this checkbox is required. Read more about GDPR in the dedicated guide. Read more about TCPA compliance here. As a result, your customers will need to check the legal box before submitting the form.


Add a line to separate content or make more Space using the Line/space. You can switch between Line and Space types on the right-side menu. You'll pick the line's border, width, style, alignment, and color. For Space, you get to choose space height in px.

Wheel of Fortune

This gamified Item helps to collect subscribers interactively by offering them to spin a wheel and win a discount or anything else you would like to offer in exchange for their signup. You can configure winning and losing slices on your Wheel with their respective probabilities. The Wheel will only stop at winning slices, and the discount you set up in the Discount field will be shown to your customer.

Countdown Timer

FOMO marketing, or the Fear of Missing Out, uses human psychology to drive customers to take action quickly. It is designed to create a sense of urgency, pushing them to make a purchase decision immediately rather than later. This strategy taps into our innate fear of missing out on opportunities, making it highly effective in increasing conversions.

Countdown timers have become a standard feature in FOMO marketing. They are particularly useful during major events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM).

In Omnisend, we offer the capability to add countdown timers to your signup forms to help you maximize this strategy.

To add a countdown timer to your form, simply drag and drop it into the form of your choice, whether it's a popup, landing page, or an embedded form.

Once you've added the countdown timer block, you can customize it to suit your needs:

  • Date. Specify the date and time when you want the countdown timer to expire. This is the deadline that will create a sense of urgency for your audience. You can also switch between AM and PM periods by simply clicking on AM and PM, respectively.

  • Font and Countdown color. Customize the font style and color to match your branding or to create a visually appealing timer.

Our platform automatically adjusts the size of the countdown timer to fit the width of your form, ensuring it looks great on all devices.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to ask us at [email protected]. We are here 24/7 for you!

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