Soundest allows you to use quite a big number of fonts on your campaigns and Ecommerce emails. However, there are a couple of things you should know before you start using custom fonts for your campaigns.

Email, very similar as web, has a list of fonts that are considered to be safe to use. This means that by using them all of your subscribers will see your texts the same way.

Technically, you can use any font you like in an email, but if your subscribers don’t have that font available on their device, they are not going to see it. To make sure these missing fonts are replaced to similar ones, we use fallback fonts. Fallback fonts are ones that will be shown in case a certain custom font is not available on a particular device.

This means, that you are safe to choose either of the fonts and be sure that, although differently on various devices, your newsletters will look good everywhere.

Where will the custom (not email safe ones) fonts be available?

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Mail on OS X

According to Litmus, this covers up about half of your subscribers. Read more about safe email fonts.

Bellow you can find a complete list of fonts supported on Soundest with a complete list of fallback fonts, so you would know, what to expect.

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