Personalized promotional communication delivers more conversions. With Omnisend you can easily give your message a personal touch by including each subscriber’s first name, last name or any other information.


Before you start
How it works
Personalization variables passed with the Automation trigger


Before you start

You can use personalized data for communication in both, campaigns and automation. Personalization is available in the following channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Facebook messenger

To personalize your message you have an option to use default properties (contact, account or date) or custom properties, available under contact option:

Custom Properties

In addition to the default attributes, you can now add custom attributes about your contacts in your message. For example, if you wish to use custom subscriber information such as clothing size, click on Insert personalization > Contact > Custom properties:

If this information is available to Omnisend (inserted manually under subscribers or collected via sign up forms), system will automatically populate it in the message you wish to send.

Custom information about your subscribers can be collected via signup forms, read more in Custom Properties in Forms, or manually added under subscriber tab, read Custom Properties for Subscribers.

How it works

You can use personalization in various content blocks in automation and campaigns.
Content blocks that will NOT allow you to add personalization are: 

  • Gift Box, 
  • Scratch card 
  • Customer feedback


Email Channel

To send a personalized message with email channel click on tag Insert personalization and a drop down menu will open: 

You will be able to use personalization in various fields in email channel, as long as you have a tag option to insert it, such as:

  • Title
  • Link 
  • Text
  • Button text and more.

If you wish to use your subscriber information for your message, click on Contact or type in  [[contact.attribute]] in the text area. In this case "attribute" is a point of data you wish to use, for example customer's first or last name, country, city, etc.

If you wish to use account information, click Account or type in [[account.attribute]].

If you wish to add date variables, click Date and choose the one you need.

You will find custom properties if you click Contact:

Omnisend will automatically place that personalized information in the message you want to send. Just make sure it is available to Omnisend, otherwise the system will leave it blank, for example:

You can also define a specific text (aka fallback text) which will work as an alternative for an empty value, if for example your subscriber's name is unknown: 

Important note: If you have used personalization in email channel before, old syntax{{name}} will keep working, but new emails will be created using the new syntax[[]].

Conditional personalization

You may also add a different text based on the value each of the parameters is having. For example, you may show different text depending on the country:


SMS, Push Notifications, Facebook Messenger

Personalized communication in other channels works the same principle as in the email channel. All you need to do is use tag insert option to add preferred personalization:

Personalization variables passed with the Automation trigger

Some automation triggers allow you to add additional personalization variables:

  • Order variables for Order placed & Order status change triggers
  • Abandoned Cart URL variable for Abandoned cart trigger
  • Custom variables for Custom event trigger

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