You have probably wondered how to know which of your contacts are just there in your list but are not bringing any profit to your business. Well, there is a very easy way to filter them. You only need to create a Segment and voila! you will be able to see who is "sitting" passively in your lists.

To create the Segment, please go to Subscribers > Segments > Create Segment.

Once you click it, you should see the following table (image below).

The best name for the Segment would be "Inactive contacts", but you can choose whatever you like.

The comment, anything that will help you understand why did you create it.

Within the Segment rules you will have to choose the Attribute Last Action: it will filter all those contacts that have done nothing within your brand (placed an order, opened an email, clicked in an email, left an abandoned cart, etc.) for the period of time selected.

The Value should be selected as "Lower than or equal". Then you set the date, a point in the past for the last action, which you consider appropriate to already call that contact Inactive - could be a couple of weeks or several months, it is up to you. We usually suggest removing contacts that have not been active for around 6 months or more.

This is how the Segment should look:

Once you have all your contacts filtered you can delete or unsubscribe them, which is what we recommend, as they are usually the ones marking your campaigns as spam, just because they forgot they subscribed at one point.

To delete or unsubscribe them you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a custom list within Subscribers tab (Subscribers > Lists > Create list)
  2. Export the Segmented contacts into a file (Subscribers > Segments > Your new segment > Export)
  3. Import that file to the custom list (Subcribers > Lists > Your new list > Import)
  4. Select them all and click delete/unsubscribe. Make sure you are not only choosing the first 25 contacts.

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