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Learn what information can be viewed in the Contact list
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There are multiple ways to add contacts to your Omnisend account. But no matter how your contacts were added or their statuses, you will see them listed under the Contact list tab.


What are contacts added to the Contact list?

The answer to this question is pretty simple - all contacts you have in Omnisend are added to your Contacts list. Let's underline some of the main aspects:

  • all contacts, despite their subscription status, are added to the Contact list;

  • each contact can be recorded only once in the Contact list but may belong to any number of Segments;

If you migrated from another ESP, it might be unusual for you that Omnisend doesn't maintain contacts' Lists and fully replaces them with the dynamic Segments. In this way, we want to encourage Omnisend users to look into their contacts as something that changes over time. When a new contact is added to your list, it should be streamlined to the right Segment, and if it doesn't qualify with the rule - removed from it.

Learn how you can create a List out of Segments.

Viewing your contacts' data

In the Contact list, you can see the most general information, including your contacts' names, email addresses, channels' statuses, and the date when the contact was added. Since Omnisend is a multichannel platform where the same customer can be subscribed to SMS, non-subscribed to Email, and unsubscribed from the Push Notifications channel, we show all contacts with all subscription statuses in a single list.

To get the lists of the contacts with different subscription statuses for each channel, you should create a Segment, defining both subscription status and channel.

๐Ÿ’ก Omnisend automatically adjusts your recipients' lists according to the contacts' statuses for each channel. Find the complete list of the messages types and contacts' statuses mapping.

If you choose to send your Campaign to all contacts, the number of the actual recipients might be different, so check how many contacts from the Segment have subscribed status.

Searching for the contact

You can use the search field if you need to find a specific contact in your Omnisend Audience. But keep in mind that it accepts email addresses only.

If you wish to find your contact using a name, phone number, or any other type of identifier, you should apply that rule in the Segmentation.

After you find the required contact, you can click on it to open the Profile page.

Best practices

The Contact list should be a starting point for your further list management. We never recommend sending your messages to the whole list but targeting your campaigns for different groups based on their behavior and interests. Use the Contact tab along with the Segmentation on the Fly to filter your Audience based on various attributions to understand better the tendencies happening to your contacts.

Check our success webinar on the Selling more with segmentation topic.

If you have more questions or need any assistance, talk to our Support Team via In-app chat or at [email protected].

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