SMS in Campaigns allows you to reach your customers in a fast and effective way even when access to email and internet is limited so your clients won't miss any of your promotions.

Before you start

  1. You need to have your contact's phone number in an international format: +11231234567 (+ country-code area-code phone-number)
  2. You do not have to use your own phone number to send SMS campaigns via Omnisend.
  3. Learn about SMS channel limitations for sender's names.
  4. This feature is available for Standard and Pro plan users.


To send an SMS campaign go to Campaigns > New Campaign > SMS Campaign.

Once you click on Create this campaign you will get the Editor where you will be able to set the message, add the campaign name, sender's name, text of your SMS and unsubscribe link (optional). If you are not sure about the limitations of SMS sender's name, check our article on that. We also shorten your URLs on SMS, this article explains how and why we do that.

If the Unsubscribe link is selected, this is how your message will look:

Important! This Unsubscribe link will ONLY unsubscribe the customers from the SMS, they will still receive the Campaign emails if not Unsubscribed from them via the Unsubscribe link in the email. 

If you have enough credits you will have the option to send a test SMS. If you do not have any SMS / Ads credits, skip these steps for now and scroll down for instructions on how you can fill them up.

You can send a test SMS to any mobile phone number. Test SMS is priced the same as a regular SMS message.

You can always see how many credits left do you have.

If you do not currently have enough SMS / Ad credits, feel free to fill them up by clicking Buy credits.

You can also check here the prices for the SMS, based on the recipient's country and Refill your credits.

You can choose any amount of SMS / Ad credits you want to purchase starting from $50. You can use them on multiple campaigns and automations before they run out. These credits should not be mixed up with your monthly mailing limit.

Once you have the required number of credits and you are happy with the message, click Next step to select the recipients from your segment.

Please note: your recipient's number has to be in the International format.

After you select your recipients you will get the price estimation for the total campaign.

Last step will let you send the SMS message, either immediately or you will be able to schedule it for later.

You are all set! In the reports, as for any campaign sent, you will have the statistics of your SMS campaign, however, the data will be a bit different. 


Reports for SMS campaigns contain:

  • SMS Sent. Subscribers that were in the chosen segments.
  • Click rate. If you message contained any link you will see here how many of the recipients clicked on it.
  • Sales. If your customer placed an order after clicking on a link in SMS, you will see the tracked sales. 

Important note: open rate cannot be tracked in SMS campaigns.



⚠️ Emojis and special characters not showing

  1. We recommend not to use emojis in your text messages as it can cause delivery issues or may not be displayed on your clients' mobile phones. Any emojis copy pasted from Omnisend will be cleaned by our system. If you are able to copy paste an emoji from the web, your message might not be delivered to your customer.
  2. We allow using accents in your text messages, however as soon as the message leaves Omnisend, it is filtered by the service provider and later, by the local operators that deliver the message. 

Note, service providers and local operators have their restrictions which we cannot control, therefore our recommendation is not to use special characters and emojis in your text messages.

⚠️ SMS messages are sent to contacts that unsubscribed from email promotions

If you wish to send your SMS campaign to the contacts that are subscribed to both, SMS and email channels, here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Audience tab > click Add filter
  2. Create a segment with rules SMS channel status is subscribed AND email channel status is subscribed > Save segment

3. Use that segment to send your SMS promotions.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team which is available 24/7 via In-app chat or email: 

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