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SMS Campaign for Non-openers
SMS Campaign for Non-openers

Find out how to use SMS channel to reach those contacts who have not opened your sent email campaign

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Sometimes, you need multiple marketing channels to get your message to the right people. While sending an email campaign is the best option ROI-wise, not all contacts on the list open every email campaign.

Sending an SMS campaign to those who did not open your email is a good decision and helps you earn even more from your campaigns. This article explains how you can reach those contacts via SMS who did not open your email campaign.


Before you start

  1. You must have your contact's phone number in an international format: +11231234567 (+ country-code area-code phone number).

  2. You do not have to use your phone number to send SMS campaigns via Omnisend.

Sending SMS campaign to non-openers

Sending your campaign to those who did not open your email is very easy and only consists of two steps: creating a new segment and sending an SMS campaign.

Segmenting non-openers

The main goal of this type of SMS campaign is to contact those subscribers who have not opened a specific campaign and increase the scope of your communication. Find here how to create a segment to send them an SMS campaign.

First, you must have at least one email campaign sent, based on which you will create a segment. Once you do, go to the Audience tab → Click Create Segment button → select the following two sets of rules. All contacts who:

  • have received a message at least 1 time + Message title is (select from dropdown) + channel is Email;


  • have not opened a message at least 1 time + Message title is (select from dropdown).

Click on Save & Show contacts → Add the name of your segment > click Save. The segment will now be listed under Audience → Saved Segments.

Sending SMS campaign

Once your segment is ready, go to Campaigns → New campaign → SMS campaign. Once your SMS campaign is ready, in the Recipients step, choose the new segment you just created:

For a full step-by-step guide on setting up an SMS campaign or filling your SMS credits, check out our article on SMS in campaigns.

Once you are done, hit send, and you will reach those who did not open your initial email campaign!

If you still have questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team, available 24/7 via in-app chat or email.

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