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According to our policy (Terms of Use, Section 5.), the Standard and Pro plans are prepaid month-to-month subscription services with monthly payments. The subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the paid period unless it is explicitly canceled before the start of the new billing period.

Charges paid by the Customer are non-refundable. Nevertheless, we will be able to provide a refund on the following occasions:

a) customer was not using any features: collecting email addresses with signup forms and/or sending any emails with the system in the last month. In the latter case, the Customer (s) will be refunded for the last payment cycle.

b) a customer has canceled the subscription before the new billing period starts, but it failed to cancel for some reason. 

c) a customer cannot use the features over the period they have paid for due to a system malfunction and unexpected issues caused by it.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund unused monthly credits or the SMS credits purchased. 

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use before starting using Omnisend.

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