Once you sign up for a paid Omnisend plan (Standard or Pro), your billing cycle begins for 30 days.

This article explains how subscription charges work and what to do to refill your email credits before your billing cycle ends and you get new email credits.


Billing periods
Charge now button
Upgrading billing tier

Upgrading to Pro from Standard mid-billing cycle

Billing periods

Omnisend offers monthly subscriptions. A monthly subscription means that you are billed every month.

Monthly subscription renewal is done every 30 days. This means that your credit card will be charged automatically every 30 days.

Depending on your subscription, you are charged according to the number of active subscribers and have to pay upfront for a month or a year.

Charge now button

If you run out of email credits before your billing period ends, you should hit a Charge now button in Store settings and get additional mailing credits.

Important note! This feature is available on old plans only; all the new plans don't have such an option.

Regardless of the pricing plan you have, here's how it works:

  1. Charge now does not change your billing cycle. The billing cycle is not extended or shortened. You will be billed for the whole month as usual, and your charge will now charge.

  2. Charge now is a non-recurring charge, meaning you can use it only when you need it.

  3. Charge now does not change your monthly total email credit count for the chosen pricing plan.

The price for Charge now is calculated with the following formula:

Total monthly price/number of the current billing cycle week = Charge now price

The minimum charge for Charge now is $10.

Email credits you get are added according to the following formula:

Number of monthly credits/number of the current billing cycle week = Extra credits added to your account

Days are always rounded to the higher limit, i.e., 3 days mean 1 week, 8 days mean 2 weeks, etc.


Let's say you have 3 more days left until your next billing cycle and click on Charge now. You have 12000 subscribers, are on the Standard plan, and pay $150 per month.

Total monthly price: $150
Number of the current billing cycle week: 4 (out of 4)
Then your additional charge will be: $150 / 4 = $37.50

Number of monthly credits: 144,000
Number of the current billing cycle week: 4 (out of 4)
Then your additional mailing credits will be: 144,000 / 4 = 36,000

Finding the Charge now option

There are two ways to get more email credits: 

  • In case you run out of your mailing credits before launching or scheduling your campaign, you will be offered to refill them immediately

  • If you notice that your automation might need more mailing credits before the billing month ends, you can find Charge now button in Store Settings once you're out of credits.

Note! Email credits bought using Charge now button does not roll over to the next month and disappear once the new billing month starts.

Upgrading billing tier

Omnisend pricing is based on the billing tiers. We automatically adjust the billing tier as your list grows or shrinks. Take into account that after the first payment, your monthly billing tier will be counted based on two numbers - your current number of subscribers and non-subscribed contacts that received automated emails in the last 30 days. 

Say that you upgraded your account with a small number of contacts and imported more contacts before the end of that billing cycle. When you try to send a campaign to more subscribers than your current billing tier limit in the Send step, you will get a message to upgrade your billing tier immediately, click Upgrade > and Upgrade once more to confirm the charge. This will prevent you from running into the issue where your campaign is not sent, as you have more subscribers than the email credit limit you were granted with the usual subscription upgrade.

Upgrading your billing tier in the process of putting your campaign together has the following conditions:

  • The amount you are paying is counted based on the exact number of days left until your next billing cycle, considering the amount you already paid for your current subscription.

  • Your charge invoice is generated immediately and can be accessed in Account management → Billing history.

  • You can upgrade your billing tier for your monthly billing cycles

Important note: Billing tier upgrade is only related to the increased number of contacts or contact import, not the email credit limits.

Upgrading to Pro from Standard mid-billing cycle

If you decide to upgrade your plan from Standard to Pro in the middle of the billing cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount from what you have already paid.

If you switch to a Pro plan during your Standard plan billing cycle, the change will take effect immediately. You don't need to wait until your current billing cycle ends. You will have a prorated amount billed.

For example, you paid $70 for the Standard plan 15 days ago. The billing cycle lasts 30 days, but you decide to upgrade to Pro now. The Pro costs $105, but you have been using Standard only for half of the billing cycle, meaning you still have around $35 on your balance. This is why you'll pay around $70 for the Pro plan once you upgrade.

You can calculate the approximate credit amount on your balance by dividing your payment by 30 billing days and multiplying it by the number of days you have left until the next payment. You can always check the next billing date by accessing your Profile menu.

Note: The upgrade page may show you the full amount for the month on the Pro plan, but you will be only charged the prorated difference. The fix is coming soon.

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