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Translations for Campaigns and Automated Emails
Translations for Campaigns and Automated Emails

Learn how to choose and manage translations on your Omnisend account

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Knowing the needs of our customers, who come from around the world, we have added some valuable translations for the default texts available in Omnisend. 

Before you start

  • Only texts presented in the list of translations can be translated automatically. Any custom text you enter in your message won't be translated automatically. Also, if you enter some default text manually (e.g., order confirmation), it won't be translated; only text added by our system automatically can be translated.

  • We have the following languages available so far, and we are adding more languages constantly: 

Currently, we can provide translations for the following:

  • Campaigns and Automation

  • Date and Time

  • Email unsubscribe page

  • SMS unsubscribe page

  • Forms (limited languages)

Setting the language

Store settings

You can change language settings for your campaigns and automation in your account on Omnisend tool. Go to Store settings > Settings > Language & Translations:

On the language & translations page, choose the language you like from the drop-down menu:

You will then see the complete list of available text translations in your chosen language. Remember to click SAVE to set your selected language!


You can also change the language when you are already creating a campaign. You will find this option under the Settings tab in the campaign:


You will find this option in your workflow settings to change the language directly in the automation. Click on the Email message block and pick the language in the message block settings.

Important note: if you wish to trigger your automation workflows in a few different languages, you can use filters in automation to set specific flows to trigger specific contact segments.

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