Gorgias is a 3rd party customer help-desk app that is designed for Shopify merchants to provide their customers with high quality customer support

When you integrate Gorgias with Omnisend you will be able to respond to campaigns right from your help-desk.


Before you start

Currently this integration is available for our Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Setup process

Here is how you can integrate Gorgias with Omnisend:

1. Go to Store settings in your Profile menu > click Connected Apps and click Connect new App

2.  Find Gorgias on the list and click Connect

3. To connect with Gorgias you will need to paste your unique Gorgias API Key into Omnisend app. Go to your Gorgias account and select Your profile

4. Select REST API from the left side menu and copy Base API URL, Username (your email address) and Password (API Key)

Important note, if you ever change your API Access & Credentials in Gorgias, make sure you update those in your Omnisend account as well!

5. Paste those accordingly into your Omnisend account and click Connect

Congratulations, you have connected Gorgias with Omnisend!


How it works

We will sync ticket tags and the latest satisfaction survey score every 3 hours from the Gorgias app. This information will be updated as a custom contact property in Omnisend. Note, historical data will not be uploaded to Omnisend.

Custom property names:

  • Gorgias_tag - ticket tags assigned to contact’s related tickets
  • Gorgias_latest_satisfaction_survey_score - latest value of client’s submitted satisfaction score.

You will receive satisfaction survey scores as events in Omnisend once your customers submit the scores in Gorgias. Custom event name will be “Gorgias Satisfaction Survey“ and the field - “Score”, which is equal to Satisfaction Survey Score submitted by the client.

Use cases

You can segment contacts based on Gorgias ticket tags and/or latest satisfaction survey scores to send custom workflow emails to your customers. Here are the examples:

  • Send automated emails to thank your clients, who have submitted a satisfaction survey score;
  • Segment you users based on tags assigned to their tickets (i.e. VIP client) and send special offers to them;
  • Segment you users based on their latest satisfaction survey score and remove customers that have rated 1-2 stars from your campaigns.


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