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Integration with Gorgias

Learn how to integrate Gorgias with your Omnisend account

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Gorgias is a 3rd party customer help-desk app that is designed for Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento merchants to provide their customers with high-quality customer support. In this article, we explain what steps you should take to integrate Gorgias with Omnisend and how you can benefit from it.


Before you start


  • Re-engage your unhappy customers with the discount codes or special offers, when the customer submits rating in Gorgias

  • Sync the information collected by Gorgias, including tags and survey scores

  • Receive your US customers SMS replies to your SMS Campaigns and Automatic notifications to your Gorgias help desk

  • Reply to SMS you received from US customers within Gorgias account by sending the message via Omnisend

Setup process

Here is how you can integrate Gorgias with Omnisend:

1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open Apps tab:

2. Find the Gorgias app and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. Then paste your Gorgias subdomain and click 'Connect'. For URL subdomain is 'your-store':

4. You'll be redirected to Gorgias to authorize the connection. Click the 'Authorize app' button:

Congratulations, you have connected Gorgias with Omnisend! Gorgias will appear in the list of the Connected apps in the Omnisend App Market.

Respond to customers' replies to the SMS

If you send your Campaigns and Automatic replies via SMS, you also want to receive and respond to your customers' responses and preferably through the same communication channel.

When this integration is complete, all of the US customers replying to your SMS Campaigns and Automations with any messages other than Stop and Help will be passed to Gorgias. Find more information on HELP and STOP key-word replies.

In the diagram presented below, you may see how the information is exchanged between Omnisend and Gorgias.

When the customer replies to your message, Omnisend creates a new ticket in your Gorgias help-desk. 

  1. In the customer profile, you will see the message is sent through Omnisend integration.

  2. We will automatically tag all of the tickets coming from your Gorgias account with the Omnisend tag.

  3. The subject line of the message is "[SMS via Omnisend] Incoming text message from {Your customer phone number}".

Once your help-desk replies to the message, it will be sent back to Omnisend and then to the customer. Since some of the providers may limit the number of SMS messages, we limit the number of messages you can send to 2 and less than 1600 symbols.

Only one reply can be sent to customers replying to your messages. If you want to send more than one message to the same customer - close the ticket after the agent responds to the client. If the client interacts again, a new ticket will be created.

To find that customer account, you can create a Segment of the customers having that phone number. In the search bar, only the email address can be used. 

Important! To send messages through Omnisend, you need to have enough SMS credits in your Omnisend account. If you are using SMS credits as a subscription service, you may want to enable the auto-refill option with the ceiling amount. Find more information on SMS pricing here.

If you don't want to generate those tickets in your Gorgias account, but still want to use it for the data sync and automation workflows triggering, you may set a rule in your Gorgias account to close tickets with Omnisend tag automatically.

Respond to satisfaction surveys

We will sync ticket tags and the latest satisfaction survey score every 3 hours from the Gorgias app. This information will be updated as a custom contact property in Omnisend. Note, historical data will not be uploaded to Omnisend.

Custom property names:

  • Gorgias_tag - ticket tags assigned to contact’s related tickets

  • Gorgias_latest_satisfaction_survey_score - latest value of client’s submitted satisfaction score.

We will automatically create a custom event on your Omnisend account. 

Later this event along with the Satisfaction score can be used in your Automation trigger settings.

If you wish to create different Segments based on the scores, your customers left:

Use cases

You can segment contacts based on Gorgias ticket tags and/or latest satisfaction survey scores to send custom workflow emails to your customers. Here are the examples:

  • You can split your automation based on the score your customers leave, and target your communication more precisely, send a Thank you note to positive reviews, and a special offer to unhappy customers.

  • Segment you users based on tags assigned to their tickets (i.e. VIP client) and send special offers to them;

  • Segment your users based on their latest satisfaction survey score and remove customers that have rated 1-2 stars from your campaigns.


Is it possible to send SMS replies from non-US customers to Gorgias? No, currently it is not possible. This feature is directly related to the Key-words replies used by US customers and can be supported within the US only.

The client received only one reply; why? Currently - you can only reply once to customers through Omnisend. You should close the ticket after the first reply; then, if the client responds - a new conversation will be created for further communication.

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