Test emails is a great way to make sure your campaign looks the way it should. While it is a convenient tool, it has some limits on it. This article discloses why those limits exist, how big are they and what can be done once the limit is reached.

As test emails can be sent to contacts that are not on the contact list, this allows scammers to abuse the system. We apply sending limits to assure such activities cannot be practiced.

We limit the number of test emails you can send per 24-hour period. Limits do not depend on number of tested campaigns - the limit is global for whole account. When multiple email addresses are included in a test, each one of them count towards total number of test emails used per account per 24-hour period: if you send one test to five email addresses, this counts as five test emails sent.

The specific limits depend on the plan:

  • Free or Trial trial users are limited to 20 test emails per 24-hours.
  • Monthly or Yearly Standard plan users are limited to 100 test emails per 24-hours.
  • Pro plan users have unlimited test emails per 24-hours

If you have reached your daily test emails limit, consider using Preview feature for your campaign. Our Preview allows you to see how the email will be rendered on both desktop and mobile devices.

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