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Editing Images on Image Editor
Editing Images on Image Editor

Learn how to edit your images in email campaigns and automations

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In Omnisend, you can use our Image Editor to get the perfect look for your email when your current image is missing something or needs a little touch-up.

Just click on an image in the email and go to the image settings on the right-side menu. Click the Edit Image button and try the editing options to create your perfect image!

Image editing options

When you select the picture you want to modify and click the Edit button, the Image editor will launch in a new window.

Here are image-editing settings:

  • Filter - choose a filter to sharpen or enhance the colors of your image. You can apply a few filters at once; just select every filter you'd like to apply → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Resize - change the size of the image, and select the perfect height and width for your image → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Crop - cut out the unneeded parts of the image by selecting a custom crop or using proportions, tilt, rotate or mirror you images → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Draw - draw anything on the top of the image. Choose brush type, size, and color to achieve the best result → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Text - add text on top of the image. Adjust text color, font, background, opacity, outline, shadow, and placement. Click New text to add more text to your image. When ready, click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Shapes - add a shape to your image, like pointed arrows, etc. Choose share color, background, opacity, outline, and shadow → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Frame - add a frame to the image, choose a color for certain types of frames → click Apply in the top right corner;

  • Corners - round off the corners of your image → click Apply in the top right corner.

Saving settings

When applying any settings to your image, you have options to apply or cancel the changes.

When previewing the image, you will be able to check the history of changes:

Here you can go back to particular changes or reset the image by clicking Initial.

Undo and redo any changes by clicking on the arrows in the top left corner:

To save all the edits you made to your picture, simply click on the Save button in the top right corner of the editing window.

Once you save your image, it can be edited again at any time. Remember that you will not be able to move the elements you added last time you edited the image - they are now part of the image, so there is no way to step back. You might want to either import the original image once again or edit the current one further.

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