Omnisend enables you to edit the images right on the Image Editor. You will be able to edit your images or logos during the creation process of your content. To edit one of your uploaded images, simply click on the Edit button next to the image.

Note that this feature is not yet supported by the New Email Builder.


Before you start
Image editing settings
Image saving settings

Before you start

You can edit your images in the following tabs of your Omnisend account:

  • Campaigns

  • Automation

  • Forms


Image editing settings

When you hit the Edit button next to the image you would like to edit, a new window with Image editor will open up

Here is a list of settings you can use to edit your image:

  • Filter - choose a filter to sharpen or enhance colors of your image

  • Resize - change the size of the image.

  • Crop - cut out the unneeded parts of the image.

  • Transform - change rotation or orientation of the image.

  • Draw - draw anything on the top of the image. Choose brush size, and color to achieve the best result.

  • Text - add a text on top of the image. Adjust text color, font, size, and placement.

  • Shapes - add a shape to your image, like pointed arrows, etc.

  • Stickers - choose a sticker for your image - emojis, hats, sunglasses or other.

  • Frame - add a stylish frame to the image.

  • Corners - round off the corners of your image.

  • Background - change background color for the cut out corners.

  • Merge - to merge your image with a shape or another object you added. Once you merge, you will no longer be able to separately edit the shape.

Once you started editing the image, you can use all of these settings simultaneously. No need to save the image after each little change, you will be able to save it once you are done with editing.

Image saving settings

When applying a particular setting to your image, you have options to apply or cancel the changes.

If you click on the object on the right up corner, a box will open up and show you the different objects you added to your picture. You will be able to navigate to each added object and edit it from there.

To save all the edits you made to your picture, simply click on Save button on top left corner of the editing modal.

Once you save your image, it can be edited again any time. Keep in mind that you will not be able to move the elements that you added last time you edited the image - they are now part of the image, so there is no way to step back. You might want to either import the original image once again or edit the current one further.

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