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Learn how to work with the images and GIFs in Email Builder

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All marketers are competing for inbox attention. One way to get it is to use images and GIFs to provide a visual cue. A proper image can improve the number of content views and email clicks and influence the conversion rate.

In this article, you'll learn how to use the Image and GIF library in your Omnisend account.


Before you begin

  • Setup: This feature does not require any setup. You can start using it right away.

  • Storage: There is no limit on the number of stored images. You can upload and save as many images as you need.

  • Image Size: The maximum size of an uploaded image must be 5 MB. Please ensure your images meet this size requirement.

  • Dimensions: Images need to be under 2000 pixels in both width and height. If your image exceeds these dimensions, you may need to resize it before uploading.

  • Supported File Formats: The supported file formats for image uploads are JPEG and PNG. You can upload images in these formats directly.

  • WebP Format: In addition to JPEG and PNG, we also support the WebP format in the Image Library. You can select an image from your computer or use an image from a URL in the WebP format.

  • GIFs: You can add GIFs to your images using the Image Library. This allows you to enhance your content with animated visuals.

Step-by-step process

Right within the Email Builder for Campaigns and Automation, drag and drop any of the Items containing an image and select your image. Once the image is added, click on the image → on the right-hand sidebar, → click Replace.

You will be brought to your image library, where all your images are stored. Here you can upload images from your computer or a URL.

Once you select the image from your preferred source, all the images will be stored in your Image Library.

Navigating in Image Library is pretty intuitive; here you can:

  • Sort your images from Name A-Z, Name Z-A, Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest;

  • Search for images by their name;

  • Change preview to Tiles/List.

You can insert any already stored image directly into your email by clicking Insert or adding more from your computer or URL. To select the image, hover over its preview → Select.

If any uploaded images need to be removed from the Image Library, simply Delete them in one step.

Note that this will automatically remove the image from your Image Library but leave it in all emails you have already sent out and any drafts you have already created.

Image Item

You can use a single image when building your email campaign or an automation workflow.

It is straightforward to set it up; just add an image you want to include in your message using our Image Library and adjust the settings to fit your brand's style.

Image item, like every Item, has 2 settings tabs where you can adjust image and layout settings.

For the image, you get to adjust:

  • The image itself (remember that it needs to be under 2000 px in dimensions);

  • Remove or enable paddings;

  • Add alt text;

  • Link image to specific webpage;

  • Align image.

Layout-specific settings are:

  • Image background color;

  • Paddings;

  • Content alignment;

  • Mobile stacking;

  • Visibility on devices (show this Item for Desktop only, Mobile only, or display on all devices).

Once you are done with the setup and want to see if the result is what you expected, you may use the Preview option at the top right corner.

Click on a small arrow at the top right corner → Click Preview.

Here, you may preview the email design for desktop and Mobile devices by clicking the respective icons.

If you still have questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team, which is available 24/7.

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