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Learn about your Signup Forms Report and the data you get

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You can collect new subscribers, measure your success, and dive into the details with our Signup Forms Reports.

Overview Tab

These reports can be found by navigating to Reports β†’ Forms. Click on the form you wish to dive in deep, and the report with details will open up.

The Overview Tab in Form Report will show you the following information:

Total views, Interaction, and Submit rate for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, all-time and custom range. Select the timeframe you want to see the data for.

  • Submit Rate: This metric represents the ratio of submissions to views. It is calculated by dividing the number of submissions by the number of views.

  • Signup Rate: This metric represents the ratio of signups to views. It is calculated by dividing the number of signups by the number of views.

  • Interaction Rate: This metric indicates the ratio of interactions to views. It is calculated by dividing the number of interactions by the number of views.

πŸ’‘ Interactions are calculated if a user clicks on any element of the signup form (button/input fields etc.)

Performance Report

The performance report offers a comprehensive chart displaying metrics such as signups, interactions, and views for your form. You have the flexibility to choose the specific data you want to view on the date-based chart.

By hovering over the metrics, you can see the related activity. It's essential to remember that the displayed data is based on the timeframe you selected above.

Device Report

Device report allows you to see which devices were mainly used to view, interact, or sign up using your signup form.

Contact Activity

The Contact Activity tab provides an exportable list of subscribers who signed up through that form. The list shows the email, first name, last name, gender, country (whenever applicable), discount (Wheel of Fortune), and signup date.

Please note our system prevents the same contact from being counted twice in the 'signups' count if they fill out the subscription form again. This means that if a contact has already subscribed and fills out the form again, they won't be included in the 'signups' count.

In the Submit and Submit rate metrics, all users who submit the form are counted regardless of their subscription status.

This feature helps maintain accurate metrics and provides valuable insights into your audience's behavior. We always strive to provide you and your subscribers with a seamless and efficient experience.

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