You can not only collect new subscribers but also measure your success and dive into the details with our Signup Forms' Reports. These reports can be found by navigating to Reports > Forms. Click on the form you wish to deep dive in and the report with details will open up:

Omnisend reports on signup forms show you:

  • Total views and signups for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, last year, all time or custom

  • Location-based signup information - to see the most converting countries

  • Language-based signup information - to see the languages of the users who have seen the form or signed up through it. This is the language their browser provides to us.

  • Device report - to see, which devices were mostly used to browse your website when that particular signup form was enabled.

  • Custom information, i.e. Gender report

Activity tab also provides you with an exportable list of new subscribers, who signed up through that particular signup form. The list shows the email, name, last name, gender, country (whenever applicable), and the signup date.

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