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Store validation process
Store validation process

Learn how we validate stores and what to do if your store does not go past validation

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The store validation process allows Omnisend to assure that your subscribers get the best experience in your store. There are numerous essentials a properly set up and running store has to have - we check your store for them to be sure that you're ready to drive traffic to it and offer your customers the best experience.

Validation process

Validation is a process that is done only once you connect your store to your Omnisend account. It is an automated process, and no additional action is required from you as a store owner. Depending on your store and our load at a particular time, the validation process should not take more than 24 hours. In most cases we will review and validate the store in a few minutes.

During the validation process, your store is already connected to Omnisend account, but you are still left on a limited pricing plan. You can continue browsing your account, but some features will be locked up for you until the validation is passed.

Once your store gets validated, you will receive an email about it. As soon as you are good to go, you are brought to our Free plan and can start testing the whole package out. Keep in mind that some features might require additional integration steps, and just connecting the store through the snippet might not be enough.

Reasons for not passing validation

In rare cases, your store might not go through our validation. This means it is missing some essential information or functionality that each store has to have. The most common issues are the following:

  • there is no cart functionality,

  • no checkout,

  • no payment gateway connected,

  • terms of use are not present,

  • the store has no products,

  • only dummy products are available in the store,

  • the store is under a password (not yet available to the public).

These are only some of the things we check during the validation process. However, those are the most common issues and are essential to any online store.

Actions to take after not passing validation

If your store did not pass the validation and you have already fixed the issues, feel free to contact our support and describe your situation. We will be able to re-initiate the store validation process for you.

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