When you register your new account with Omnisend, you will be granted with our Starter plan, which gives you a 5 email credits limit to test Omnisend in the first month - build and send out your first campaign, create basic segments, etc.

If you wish to try out our advanced features, such as automation, Omnisend signup forms, omnichannel experience, connect your store to get a 14 days trial to test everything out!


Setup process

You can connect and integrate your e-commerce site after you login to your account:

Or by clicking on your Store Name at the top right-hand corner:

You can connect the following ecommerce platforms to your store:

Once you click Connect your store, choose your store's platform form the list:

Important note: in case you are using any other platform, including Prestashop you will need to integrate it with Omnisend via API.

Once you select your platform and click Connect store, you will be asked to add a link to your store:



ALL other custom platforms:

Just click on Connect store or Continue (for custom platforms) and follow the instructions. You will get a success message once your store is connected to Omnisend!

For assistance, please contact Omnisend Support!

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