Link multiple stores you have under one account to be able to access all your stores with a single login, easily switch between the stores, and manage your users and billing in a more convenient way. It's a great feature to use if you wish to have multiple stores connected to one email address since you can use one email address to create only one Omnisend account.

In this article, you'll learn how to add and manage multiple stores with Omnisend.


Before you start
Register a new store
Access your store
Useful tips

Before you start

In Omnisend, as a user you can have one or multiple accounts, as well as one or multiple stores on the account. It all depends on the specific needs you have!

If you wish to add more stores to one account, here is what you should know before you begin the process:

  • Multiple stores feature is available for all store platforms, including APIs and users on any Omnisend plan.
  • You can link as many stores to your Omnisend account as you need.
  • Each store you connect to your master account will have a separate contact count, individual automation flows, statistics, and reports.
  • User roles management

Note, currently you can restrict your users from viewing the Omnisend Dashboard, reach out to our Support Team and we will make the changes!


Register a new store

When you create an account with Omnisend and wish to register a new store to the same account, follow the steps below:

 1. Go to the Profile menu on your account > click Account management.
2. You will reach the Account management page, click Register store > add your store details > click Confirm

That's it! Your new store has been successfully added to your account!


Access your store

When you have multiple stores connected under one account, the view you see when you enter your account will depend on the connection method you use:

  1. If you connect directly via the Omnisend app, you will be brought to the Account Management page right away and under the Stores tab you will see the list of stores you already connected to that account. Through the Access button you will be able to reach the specific store you wish to manage.

Each store will have details of store connection to Omnisend date; web page; Omnisend subscription plans; the number of contacts; the number of automation workflows; the number of forms used on the store and the total number of sales. 

2. If you start the connection directly from the store which is on one of the hosted platforms (Shopify or Bigcommerce), you will be brought to the Omnisend Dashboard of that particular store. 

If you wish to reach Account management page in your account, go to the Profile menu > click Account management

To switch between stores, just go to the Profile menu > click Switch store > and choose the store you wish to access

Useful tips

Learn more about Omnisend account and store settings in this help article.

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