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Managing Multiple Stores
Managing Multiple Stores

Learn how to add and manage multiple stores under one account

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If you are planning to manage multiple accounts in Omnisend, there are two ways to set everything up:

  • Create a single owner account with multiple stores connected to it;

  • Create multiple accounts with different owners (recommended for Partners).

Each of these solutions has pros and cons, so you should carefully evaluate your business needs before making a final decision. In this article, we will look into each of these options and provide instructions for the new store setup.

Before you start

No matter which setup model you choose, there are a few common properties:

Choosing the setup model

When you decide to add a new account to Omnisend, it is crucial to identify what features are important to you and choose the setup model. The process of the new store registration will differ based on the option you have chosen.

Joining your stores under a single owner

If you decide to choose the first option, you will benefit from:

  • the ability to switch between your stores easily;

  • being able to transfer your Newsletter templates and Automation workflows between connected accounts;

  • being charged from a single credit card and receiving all of the Invoices to the same Owner account;

  • adding the user to one of the accounts that provide the same level of access to all of the stores;

  • setting up an unlimited number of stores.

This option would be best if all of your stores have a single owner and the same users working on their content. However, if you are an agency or building an account for your customer, you can try a different way to solve that problem.

Using multiple accounts with different owners

From some perspectives, having multiple accounts with different owners might sound the same as creating several completely independent accounts. However, this is only partially true. If you are using a different owner for each of your accounts, you will be able to:

  • add different credit cards and pay for each of your accounts separately;

  • assign different users with varying levels of access.

💡 Apart from this, you can also add the same user to all or some of the accounts. The user will be able to switch between accessed stores, transfer newsletter templates, and automation workflows.

Register a new store under the Owner's account

If you already have one account in Omnisend and wish to register the second store under the same Owner, you should follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Profile menu on your account → click Account Management.

2. You will reach the Account management page, click Add new store → add your store details → click Add store.

That's it! Your new store has been successfully added to your account!

Register a Store with a Different Owner

If you choose to create an account under different owners, you will need to register a new account in Omnisend. If you have your first account opened in another tab, you might see a message suggesting that you use the same owner credentials.

Since you're not interested in registering the account under the same Owner, you should open the Incognito window of your browser and choose to create a new account.

Once you do that, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your store to Omnisend.

Access your store

There will be two ways to switch between accounts you have access to:

  • If you log in to the store that is connected to other stores with the same owner account, you will be able to view those stores on the Account Management page.

  • Using Switch Store, you will see a whole list of stores where your login email address is added as a user.

If you wish to reach the Account Management page in your store, go to the Profile menu and click Account Management.

Once you do that, it will bring you to the Account Management page. Under the Stores tab, you will see the list of stores you have already connected to that account. Click on the Access button to reach the specific store you wish to manage.

To see the whole list of the stores you can access, go to the Profile menu click Switch store → click on the Store name.

Useful tips

Learn more about Omnisend account and store settings in this help article.

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