Omnisend for OpenCart is an integration that allows you to connect your OpenCart store to your Omnisend account. It allows you to use all the data from your store to segment your customers better, automate your marketing, recover abandoned carts, automate upsell process etc.

Integrating Omnisend to OpenCart

 In order to integrate your Omnisend account to your OpenCart website you will need:

  1. Register Omnisend account;

  2. Have a working OpenCart website;

  3. Connect your store via Omnisend by pasting and verifying our snippet (a handy wizard is present on your Omnisend account);

  4. Continue with full integration via our API.

Connecting OpenCart Store to Omnisend - the Benefits

Once your store is connected through our snippet, you can start using the following features (on Free, Standard and Pro plans):

  • Signup forms: Wheel of Fortune, Popup, Signup Box, and Landing Page;

  • Automation: Welcome emails, Birthday emails;

  • Subscriber list segmentation;

  • Full reports of campaigns, signup forms and automations;

  • Campaign Booster.

However, at this point some of the paid plan features will not be working due to insufficient level of integration as we do not get all the needed data from your store. The full integration via API will be required to get all the benefits of paid plans. 

Continuing with Full Integration via API - the Benefits

Once you have your store connected to your Omnisend account, you can continue integrating through API to get an access to the full package of Omnisend features including:

  • Expanded subscriber list segmentation with enriched data;

  • Abandoned Cart;

  • Order Confirmation; 

  • Order Cancellation;

  • Cross-sell;

  • Customer Reactivation; 

  • Order Follow-up;

  • Customer Feedback;

  • other Custom Automation Workflows;

  • Product Picker.

Once you start pushing the needed data through the API, all enabled features will start working immediately. 

In order to learn more about the full backend integration, please visit our API documentation. If you have already connected your store to Omnisend, you can start from the 3rd step of Before you begin guide.

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