The official Omnisend extension for Magento 2:

  • Download the extension for Magento 2 in the official Magento Marketplace
  • Install it on your Magento 2 store (you might need developer's help so go ahead and ask it).
  • Omnisend has a plugin for Magento 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and Magento Enterprise.



Configuration of the extension
Adding an Omnisend API key to the Magento Extension
Mapping your store’s order statuses with Omnisend order statuses
Data synchronization
Troubleshooting Store Connection

Configuration of the extension

There are 3 steps you need to complete in order to successfully connect Omnisend and Magento:

  1. Download an Omnisend plugin for your Magento 2 store (it enables features like web tracking, forms, product pickers, etc.)
  2. Add an Omnisend API key to the Magento Extension
  3. Verify the plugin.
  4. (Optional) Map order Magento Order Statuses with Omnisend order and fulfillment statuses

Adding an Omnisend API key to the Magento Extension

1. Download the Magento module from the official Magento marketplace. Follow the installation guide:

2. The module will appear in the Magento admin dashboard, on the Module manager page. To find this page, navigate to System -> Web setup wizard -> Module Manager.


3. Search for “omnisend/omnisend” module, click “Select” and “Install”.

4. After successful installation, Omnisend module will turn into a green color and appear in Magento admin dashboard sidebar:

2020-06-04 12_23_00-Module Manager

5. Then copy the API key from the Omnisend-Magento integration page.

6. Go back to your Magento admin dashboard, click on Omnisend plugin, go toplugin settings and add an API key.

7. After you’ve completed all the steps above, set Enabled Data Synchronization Using Cron Jobs and Enable Real Time Data Synchronization to Yes. These two settings will start sending data to Omnisend.

8. Click Save Config button in the top right corner of your Magento 2 admin panel.

9. Go back to your Omnisend account and your store should be verified.

That's it! The integration process is completed 🚀

(Optional) Mapping your store’s order statuses with Omnisend order statuses

A large part of Omnisend functionality is based on orders and their statuses (e.g. an Order follow-up email is sent when the order is complete). Since Magento offers a flexible and very customizable structure of order statuses, you’ll probably need to map your statuses with Omnisend’s statuses to ensure a smooth experience.

1. In Magento 2 admin panel’s left sidebar, go to Omnisend -> Omnisend Order Statuses.

2. Then you’ll see a table of various statuses:

  • Status column represents order statuses in Magento store
  • Payment status shows how Omnisend will treat those order statuses from a payment perspective. E.g. if in Magento order status is canceled, Omnisend will treat it as voided
  • Fulfillment status shows how Omnisend will treat Magento’s order statuses from the order fulfillment perspective.

If you want to add new Magento statuses, click New Omnisend Order Status button in the top right corner. The list of Omnisend order statuses is final and you can check it here in our full reference to Omnisend order and payment statuses.

Data synchronization

After you complete the integration with Magento 2, Omnisend starts syncing all historical data from your store. The information passed to Omnisend includes your contacts, products, and orders. The initial synchronization may take up to a few hours, definitely not more than 24 hours.

Later on, all of your assets will be populated to Omnisend instantly.

What is important to mention is that your contacts will be added to Omnisend with non-subscribed status, unless they opt-in to the form created or integrated with Omnisend. The rest of the contacts will be added with non-subscribed status.

👍 Make sure you enable at least a few forms provided by Omnisend and proceed with the integration for the ones you already have in your store. We would also recommend considering some alternative ways for the opt-ins collection for the customers triggering your Automation workflows.

Troubleshooting Store Connection

Error verifying API key.

You are trying to connect your store to the brand that is linked to another store. If so, you will need to register another store within the existing Omnisend account.

Plugin is installed but the store connection wizard cannot verify the website.

  1. Flush cache (System -> Tools -> Cache Management and click Flush Magento Cache).

Try to verify the store again. No luck - reach out to our Support Team.

Multi-store feature in Magento

Our Magento 2 plugin doesn't support Magento's multi-store feature for now. So all data from different stores will be synced to one store in Omnisend, if you have couple stores under one Magento account. However it doesn't impact how many different stores/brands you can have under your Omnisend account.

Getting started with Omnisend

Here are the resources for you to get started with Omnisend:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us via

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