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Can I tier the account access?

Yes, you can assign different user roles to your teammates in Account management β†’ Users β†’ Add user. If you are using a multi-account setup, check the instructions below to pick the right setup, providing account or store access level.

Does Omnisend send a notification email with login details when a new user is added to the account?

First, the person who was invited will have to confirm that they want to be added by accepting the email invitation and signing up for Omnisend. Until that happens, you will see them at the bottom of the Users tab in the new "user invitations" section.

If this user doesn't have an Omnisend account yet, they will need to fill out a short form with contact and password details set. Suppose they already have an Omnisend account or are assigned a different role in any other Omnisend store. In that case, they will be immediately added to your account with your selected role after confirming the invitation.

How can I change the currency in Reports?

The currency is set up based on the responses you provide in the registration form, but our Support Team can make any necessary adjustments upon your request.

What types of contacts do I have in Omnisend? What contacts am I charged for?

You will see three types of contacts in your Omnisend Audience: subscribed, non-subscribed, and unsubscribed. You can check them out by creating a segment based on Subscription status:

Also, all contacts are highlighted with different colors based on their subscription status.

Subscribed (green) are those who have opted-in to receive your newsletter. They can receive all campaigns, and automated emails from you, as they have opted in at the checkout or using your signup forms.

Non-subscribed (yellow) are those, who placed an order, abandoned a cart, or created an account but didn't opt-in to receive your newsletters.

Unsubscribed (red) are those, who were subscribed, but decided to opt out (clicked the unsubscribe link in the email you sent). These are also people who bounced or reported your email campaign as spam.

You are charged based on the number of Billable contacts you have. This means that contacts who are both subscribed and non-subscribed are included in your monthly bill, and the fee is based on those numbers. This is because non-subscribers can still receive important automated messages.

πŸ’‘ Tip! You can always check the number of contacts you were billed for by checking the details of your invoice. Your invoices are available in the top right corner profile menu β†’ Account management β†’ Billing history.

How many days does the billing cycle last?

A billing cycle in Omnisend lasts 30 days. This means that your subscription will renew every 30 days. Under your profile menu, you can check the next invoice date.

Where do I check my email sending limit? How does it work?

The number of email credits you left on your balance can be checked in your profile menu.

The initial number will differ based on your pricing plan and the size of your audience. On the Free plan, you can send 500 emails/month to up to 250 contacts. On the Standard plan, you get email credits based on the formula: your contact list size (subscribers + non-subscribers) X 12 = the number of email credits for your billing cycle. For example, if you have 2,500 billable contacts, you will pay for them and get 30,000 email credits for the billing cycle. 2,500 X 12 = 30,000. You can also check billing tiers on our pricing page (image below). On the Pro plan, you get unlimited email credits.

Will I pay more if my subscriber count grows? How can I check this?

Yes, each billing day, we count your subscribers and non-subscribers to determine your pricing tier. You can check them with such a segment:

Pricing for your subscription and email credits are based on the amount of subscribed and non-subscribed contacts in your account when upgrading and each next time on billing day. Check your contact list's price on our pricing page.

Can my store be charged in a different currency?

All payments in Omnisend are always processed in USD ($). Prices do not include VAT. Nevertheless, your bank might convert the charge to local currency if applicable.

How can I collect SMS subscribers? Do the contacts from my store checkout come with subscribed to SMS status?

There are a few ways to start collecting SMS subscribers to your Omnisend Audience.

1) Signup forms. You can add the phone number input field to your signup form and make it required. All contacts who subscribe will be added to your Audience right away. If you want your existing customers to provide their phone numbers, don't forget to add an email input field to the form; this way, their data will be updated with the phone number they provide.

2)Subscriber Preference Page. It is always a good idea to provide your customers with the ability to update their subscription preferences. Along with some other options, you may add the input field for the phone number.

3) Import from the file. When importing contacts with phone numbers, you can choose whether you want to upload them as subscribed to the SMS channel.

4) Checkout. For Shopify stores, you can turn on SMS subscribers collection at checkout. For this, navigate to Settings β†’ Checkout β†’ scroll down to Marketing consent and choose to collect SMS opt-in.

For Bigcommerce and WooCoomerce, customers' phone numbers are synced as non-subscribed.

5) Text to join. US/CA customers can use text to join feature. With text to join, your customers can quickly sign up for your SMS marketing list by texting a keyword to your number.

Do you support RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)?

Even though requesting a new language is a relatively simple process (if you need more information about how to do so, please get in touch with our Support Team), there is currently no way to render texts in an RTL format.

How do I resolve an issue with import from a store that keeps failing due to API not being able to connect?

For the Shopify store - check if you have the Omnisend app installed in Shopify.

If you have changed your store link/domain, please contact our support team at [email protected] to fix it.

If neither of the cases applies, please contact our support team.

I'm getting a "try again later" error message when logging in to my Omnisend account. How can I fix that?

This issue might be caused by the automatic fillers adding your account details. Try waiting a few seconds before selecting your details, disabling automatic fillers, or using a different browser.

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