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Learn how to integrate Smile with your Omnisend account

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With a 3rd party app Smile, you can build your brand community with a rewards program. It makes it easy to design a loyalty program with points, referrals, and VIP rewards. 

When you integrate Smile with Omnisend, you will be able to use custom properties to send personalized communication to each customer in your rewards program and segment your subscribers based on the information from your rewards program.



Build a loyalty program using the app and sync your customers' loyalty profiles from the app in real-time. Send reminders to your customers whenever they hit a specific amount of points that is enough to get some reward. Also, use properties synced from to personalize your emails.

Setup process

You can now connect your Omnisend account with your Smile app account.

1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open Apps tab:

2. Find the Smile app and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. Click Authorize Access to begin your integration

4. You will be redirected to the Smile app, enter your log-ins to proceed

5. Once you are in Smile, authorize Omnisend App integration

That's it! You will be redirected back to the Omnisend app and get a success message to inform you about the successful integration.

You also have an option to connect Smile with Omnisend; you just need to download the Omnisend app in your Smile account:

1. Navigate to App Store in your Smile account and select Omnisend from the list

2. Click the Install button

3. You will then be redirected to the Omnisend app, asking you to sign in. Click Authorize access to authorize the integration

4. You will have to authorize Omnisend integration in your Smile account

Done! You will be redirected back to the Omnisend app and get a success message to inform you about the successful integration.

How it works

With this integration, Omnisend will create custom contact properties for your contact data in Smile:

  1. Property name "smile_points_balance" is equal to customer points balances in Smile

  2. smile_referral_url - Smile's customer referral URL

  3. smile_customer_states - Smile's customer states possible values: member, candidate, disabled

  4. smile_tier_name - VIP tier names, i.e., Bronze, Silver, Gold

  5. smile_tier_id - VIP tier ID

Also, Smile will pass the collected birthdate date to Omnisend as the default birthdate property. However, keep in mind that Smile only collects month and day of the birthdate, not the year. That's why a fake year will be applied to the birthdate value in Omnisend, as on the example below, because Omnisend's birthdate field has YYYY-MM-DD format:

This will still allow the Birthday Workflow to work correctly, but be aware that a fake year is applied when you'll try to check a specific contact profile's birthdate or set up segments of customers within specific age ranges, it won't be possible with birthdates collected by Smile.

Important. The birthdate update has been released on Sep 1st 2023. All birthdates collect by Smile before were synced as smile_date_of_birth. The update applies only to newly synced birthdays. So, if you were using the integration prior to the change, you'll need to export all the customers with birthdays from Smile, then import them to Omnisend and map the birthday column in the file to the default 'birthdate' property. You can use this guide to learn how Omnisend contact import works.

Note! Smile doesn't change the subscription status of the contacts. If the contact doesn't exist in the Omnisend at the moment it's synced from Smile, it'll be created with non-subscribed status. However, if contact has subscribed/unsubscribed prior to the loyalty data being synced from Smile, the subscription status won't be changed. For example, if contact subscribes on the checkout while placing an order, it'll be subscribed in Omnisend, despite the fact that Smile will pass its loyalty data with non-subscribed status.

We will synchronize real-time data only from Smile. To push historical data to Omnisend, you will need to make a manual export from Smile and then manually import the data to Omnisend. Just make sure to leave the unsubscribed contacts as they are during the import!

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