The more channels you use to contact your clients, the better engagement with them you will get. This is why Omnisend gives you a chance to enable Push Notifications on your store to reach your customers with targeted notifications.


Before you start

  • This feature is available for Omnisend users with Shopify and API integrations.
  • Available on Trial, Pro and Enterprise plans
  • Push notifications are limited to 30k sends per month on Pro and unlimited sends on the Enterprise plan
  • Your website must have SSL certificate (HTTPS) to connect Push Notifications.
  • Push notifications are available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browsers. Table below shows browsers vs. operational systems that support (green) and don't support (red) Push Notifications:
  • Each opt-in record is counted per browser that your visitor is using
  • There is a default timing of notification display of 2-3s and all new visitors will be targeted
  • Re-installing the browser to the default settings will clean all previously collected data. Meaning, if your client re-installs, the opt-in will be lost.

Important! Push Notifications channel only works if a contact identified on the website is already a subscriber. Your client will receive the notification even if he is no longer visiting your store.


Setup process

At first, you need to connect the app for Push Notifications. 

Go to Store Settings > Connected Apps > Connect New App > click Connect on Push Notifications

If your store is connected via API, you will need to take an extra step and Download a file to add it to your store:

If your store does not have the HTTPS certificate, you will get the error message below. Just add the certificates and try to connect again.


Push Notifications for Campaigns

When you go to Campaigns Tab, click Push Notifications campaign to load the campaign:

Select it and the Editor will open for you to customize your notification:

  • Content - to edit the title, text, logo and image of your campaign. You can send a test notification once your content is finalized.


What is handy, that on the right side you can see how your notification will look on Windows, MacOS and Android right away!

  • Recipients - to select to whom you want to show your notifications. Select All Subscribers or a specific Segment that you have created.
  • Send - to review and confirm your selections. Just hit Send Now and your push notification will be activated!


Push Notifications for Automation

Push Notifications is not a separate workflow in automation, it is an additional step within your available workflows:

Once added to the flow, you will be able to edit the Content of your notification:

Hit Preview if you wish to see, how your notification will look on different operational systems:

Note, Push Notification is only available for Trial, Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Image in Push Notifications

You can add icon or image to your push notification. Icon may be used to add your business logo, while the image will make your notification standout. The features are available for both, campaign and automation push notifications on Windows and Android.

To add image for campaigns click on Select Icon Image --> Select from Computer or Use Image from URL --> Open and your selected image will start showing for your notification. Repeat the same process if you wish to add an icon:

For automation you can choose icon or image while editing the content of your notification:

Important note, the image will not show on MacOS.

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