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Partner Portal is a partner environment where agency partners can easily create new Omnisend accounts on behalf of their customers, set these accounts up before transferring them to customers, attribute new paying customers to their accounts, and track their revenue share performance over time. Partners get a reward for every transferred account which starts paying.


You can start from the video recording or look through the instructions provided below.

How to register for a Partner Portal account

To register your Partner Portal account, you should go here and click Apply now. Then fill out the form to provide some info to our Partnerships Team. It usually takes less than one day to get a reply from Partnerships Team. If you'll be eligible to become our partner, we'll send you a link to create a Partner Portal account. Also, you'll get an invitation to join our PartnerStack.

Create an account on behalf of your client

To create an Omnisend account for your client's business go to the Accounts tab and click the 'Create account' button.

Then select the 'Development account' option and fill out all the needed information about your client's store.

Request access to an existing account

If your client has created an account already, you'll need to request access to it. To do this you'll need to ask for your client's Account ID, which can be found in the dropdown menu under the customer's profile icon.

Then open your Partner Portal account ➡ Accounts tab ➡ 'Create account' button ➡ select 'Request access to an existing account' option and paste your client's Account ID. You can edit the message that you want to send to your client to request access to his/her account.

Note! An email will be sent to the client. For you to get into the account, they will need to click on a link and accept the request sent from the partner portal.

Access your client's account

To open your client's account just click on the name of his/her store in your Partner Portal account under the Accounts tab. You'll be redirected to your client's account in the Omnisend app.

Account statuses

There are 4 different statuses accounts can have in your Partner Portal account.

Development account

The account that you've created on your end in Partner Portal and it's still under your ownership has this status. You have Owner access to such accounts.

You have an option to transfer ownership to your client once the Omnisend account is ready. Just click on the 'Transfer ownership' button and enter your client's email address. The link that you'll send to the client will be available for 30 days, but you can resend it at any moment. Also, keep in mind that once your client takes over the account, he/she needs to signup for a paid plan. Once your client selects a plan, we'll activate your collaborator status for this account. While your customer hasn't approved ownership transfer yet, an account will have Ownership transfer pending status.

Note! The email address that you'll be transferring the ownership to shouldn't be an owner of any other Omnisend account, as you can link one email to one account only.

Ownership transfer pending

The status that account gets after you've clicked the 'Transfer ownership' button and have sent the invitation to take over store ownership, but you're still waiting for the client's approval. You can still access the store, as Owner, while the client hasn't approved the transfer yet.

Collaborator access

The account that you've requested access to and have been granted that access gets this status. Also, an account can have such status, if you've built the account for a client in the Partner portal ➡ transferred ownership ➡ client took over this account and signed up to a paid plan.

You have Admin access to such accounts. If you don't want to have access to an account anymore, just click on the arrow near the 'Log in' button ➡ Withdraw access.

Inactive account

Accounts that you no longer have access to will fall under the Archived tab. It can happen, if:

  1. You've withdrawn access to this account on your end.

  2. A client has revoked your access to his/her account.


Check the payouts balance directly in the partner portal without a need to go to Partnerstack.

Add team member

If you want to give access to your Partner Portal account to your colleagues, go to the Team tab ➡ Invite member button ➡ enter your colleague's email address that he/she will use as login to your Partner Portal account.

You'll see all members of your team under the Team tab. All team members have the same rights and can access any selected account.



Find tutorial videos under the Tutorials tab that will help you to learn how to get the most out of Omnisend.

Account setup

Learn how to set up your client's Omnisend account by going through the articles listed under the Account setup tab.

Quick links

You can find all useful links in one place, just click on the Quick links tab.

  1. Training - training courses to learn how to get the most out of Omnisend.

  2. Resources - one-pagers, comparisons, and everything else you need to nudge your client into choosing Omnisend.

  3. API documentation - API documentation that will help you to build and improve your client's store integration with Omnisend.

  4. Reporting - Advanced reporting can shed new light on your campaign and automation performance.

  5. Rewards and withdrawal - follow your revenue growth and cash out when you feel like it.

  6. Messages - latest product updates, messages from support, and sometimes exclusive offers.

  7. Support documentation - Omnisend Knowledge Base, where you can find answers to most of the questions about Omnisend features.

  8. Developer console - a tool that will help you to find information about your account's API access and error logs.

  9. Brand assets - Omnisend logos and guidelines on how to use them.


How do I get attributed for transferred accounts? Once your client accepts the account ownership and chooses one of the paid plans, you’ll start receiving your slice of revenue.

When will I receive my earnings after I withdraw them? Once you withdraw your earnings, we’ll transfer them to you on the 15th of the following month.

How do I manage my earnings? You can track and manage your earnings on the PartnerStack platform. There’s no minimum amount required to withdraw your commissions. See your payments on Partnerstack.


If you're looking for new clients, check out the Jobs tab. Look through the listed ads and select the one that suits your skillset best. Then reach out to the store owner to discuss potential collaboration.

Hire Omnisend Partner

Also, if you want to get some help with setting up anything in your Omnisend account, you can do this by hiring an Omnisend partner. You can do this by opening the menu in the top right corner of your Omnisend account:

Add your Job description, budget, leave your contact info and wait until one of our partners contacts you:

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]

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