If you wish to avoid sending duplicate emails, one through Omnisend and another one with Shopify, you need to disable the response sent by your store.

Since Shopify does not allow us to deactivate their order confirmation email, we suggest replacing the one from Shopify with a simple Thank you message and sending the actual confirmation email through Omnisend.


Changing Thank you message design
Personalization in the Thank you message
Revert to the default Order Confirmation from Shopify

Changing Thank you message design

To access Thank you, message editor, you need to proceed to the Order Confirmation workflow editor and click on the Edit "Thank you!" email button.

Once you click on the button, it will take you to the Email Builder, where the design of the message can be changed. The builder for this message is limited and offers basic Quick-add Items only.

Don't try to recreate your Shopify Order Confirmation here. There will be two emails - a simple Thank You message (edited in Omnisend but sent via Shopify) and the Order Confirmation from Omnisend.

When happy with the message design, you may click on the GET HTML button to view further instructions.

Once you copy the HTML code, you need to replace the default Order Confirmation content with the one you've copied from Omnisend.

Ensure you turn on the Order Confirmation sequence in Omnisend before replacing the HTML code.

Personalization in the Thank you message

If you wish to add your customers' data to the content of the email message, this data should be in the format accepted by Shopify.

To save time, you may add Omnisend personalization and replace it in Shopify. For example:

[[contact.first_name]] ---> {{ name }}

Find more information on Shopify liquids here.

Revert to the default Order Confirmation from Shopify

If you wish to restore the default Order Confirmation email from Shopify, in your Shopify admin, proceed to Settings -> Notifications -> choose to edit Order Confirmation email -> scroll down to the very end and click on the Revert to default option.

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