Integrating Shopify or Shopify Plus with Omnisend will allow you to establish an effective omnichannel marketing strategy directly from your Shopify store.

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Before you start

To be able to integrate a Shopify store with Omnisend you will need:

  • An account with Omnisend
  • An active store on Shopify that is not currently linked to any Omnisend account

Setup process

  1. In your Shopify store go to Apps > find Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS app on the list > click Add app

2. Review the details and click Install app

3. If you don't have an account with Omnisend yet, you will be asked to create the account - detailed step-by-step guide here.

And that's it, once you create an Omnisend account, you will be brought to the Let's get started page on Omnisend, where you will be guided through automation, campaigns and signup forms setup!

In case you already have an account with Omnisend and just need to connect you Shopify store, follow this guide to connect the store to your account.

Shopify Pos orders

All orders submitted via Shopify POS will be tagged as “pos: [pos name]“

Use cases:

  • Create a segment for contacts that have made an order via Shopify POS and send special promotions based on that. Just create a segment a with rule “Placed order” > add a filter “Order tag” is “pos: [pos name]“. Note, to be able to create this segment, you should have at least one order with “pos: [pos name]“ tag.
  • Send different order confirmation email to Shopify POS orders by creating two separate workflows for orders with a workflow trigger “Order tag” is/is not “pos: [pos name]“
  • Avoid triggering and sending shipping confirmation email to clients that have made orders via Shopify POS. Just add a trigger rule  “Order tag” is not “pos: [pos name]“ to your automation workflow.


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