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Learn about your Shopify or ShopifyPlus store integration with Omnisend and more

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Integrating Shopify or Shopify Plus with Omnisend will allow you to establish an effective omnichannel marketing strategy directly from your Shopify store.

Read further to learn more about Shopify integration with Omnisend!


Before you Begin

To be able to integrate a Shopify store with Omnisend, you will need the following:

  • An account with Omnisend;

  • An active store on Shopify that is not currently linked to any Omnisend account.

Setup Process

There are two ways to connect your store to Omnisend. You can add Omnisend from the Shopify Marketplace, register your Omnisend account from Shopify admin, or create an account in Omnisend and connect your store to your Omnisend account.

Register Omnisend Account Through Shopify 

Step 1. In your Shopify store, go to Appsfind Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS app on the listclick Add app.

Step 2. Review the details and click Install app.

Step 3. If you still need an account with Omnisend, you will be asked to create the account - a detailed step-by-step guide here.

Connect Shopify Store through Omnisend Account

  1. Go to Omnisend official website → click on the Start Free button.

  2. Create the account in Omnisend by following the step-by-step guide here.

  3. On the last stage of your Omnisend account set-up, click the Connect Store option and enter your Shopify URL into the Input field.

Important! If your store is on a custom domain, you still need to use your URL when connecting the store to Omnisend.

And that's it; once you create an Omnisend account or connect your Shopify store, you will be brought to the Let's Get Started page on Omnisend, where you will be guided through automation, campaigns, and signup forms setup!

Note! If you're using Shopify 2.0, you must take another step to finish the setup. Read more about this in Shopify online store 2.0 support article.

If you already have an account with Omnisend and need to connect your Shopify store, follow this guide to connect the store to your account.

Data Synchronization

After you complete the integration with Shopify, Omnisend starts syncing all historical data from your store. The information passed to Omnisend includes your contacts, products, and orders. The initial synchronization may take up to a few hours, but we recommend waiting for 24 hours.

Later on, time-sensitive data is passed instantly or within 3 minutes.

If you are not using any automation with a specific event in the trigger, customers' info and order data are passed to Omnisend within 1-hour sync.

The contacts synced to Omnisend can have different subscription statuses: subscribed and non-subscribed. Only those contacts that provided explicit consent to receive your marketing materials are added to Omnisend with subscribed to email channel status. Find more information on contact synchronization.

Automation Workflows

Omnisend doesn't replace any of the automatic responses you have in your store. If you wish to replace them, you must turn off the automations sent by Shopify and turn them on in Omnisend.

Disabling the Abandoned Cart Workflow

In your Shopify admin, go to SettingsCheckout → scroll down to Abandoned checkouts sections. Uncheck the checkbox next to the Automatically send abandoned checkout emails option.

After you set up the automation workflows in your Omnisend account, check how they perform. The most straightforward way to do that is to trigger them in your store. While testing, make sure to:

  • adjust the delay to trigger the workflow Immediately;

  • use different email addresses, as in some of the flows, Abandoned Cart can be triggered only once per day unless you adjust Frequency in the automation trigger settings.

Tip: if you add +something to your email address, it will be treated by the system as a new email address, but the email message will be sent to your inbox. Example: [email protected] -> [email protected] or [email protected], etc.

Now, let's check how placing the test order would look in your Shopify admin:

1. Go to your Shopify adminOrders section → click the Create order button.

2. On the Create order page, you must proceed with three main steps: add a customer, add products, and click the Mark as paid button.

That's it; the order is added to the admin panel, and the default Order Confirmation will be triggered 🤩

Find more information on the Automation workflow triggers settings here. Check our troubleshooting guide if you face any issues while testing the automation.

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