Gameball is a 3rd party app that allows you to challenge your customers, boost engagement with a game-like experience of earning points, collecting badges, and leveling up.

In this article, we explain how this application can be integrated with Omnisend and how you can benefit from it.


Setup process
Syncing contacts to Omnisend
Benefiting from Gameball integration with Omnisend
Troubleshooting contacts' sync


  1. Segment your contact lists based on Gameball player attributes.

  2. Trigger an automation based on Gameball players' attributes.

  3. Send more personalized emails by including Gameball player information in email templates (For instance, Player Current Level).

Setup process

1. Generate an API key in your Omnisend account. Be sure to choose custom permission:

  • Contacts (allows to create, edit, download, delete subscribers).

Learn how to create an API key on Omnisend.

2. Go to Apps on your Gameball Admin Dashboard -> Apps -> choose to Add New App.

3. Choose Omnisend from the menu.

4. Enter the API key, you have created in Omnisend.

5. In the next window, you will see the data Gameball app is pathing to Omnisend and confirm the integration by clicking on the Add button.

Syncing contacts to Omnisend

The integration with the Gameball app is a robust solution that will immediately pass all of the data it has collected. Let's imagine that we've got a new player in our Gameball account:

As soon as the new player joins your program, his email address and the data we have collected will be passed to your Omnisend account.

Benefiting from Gameball integration with Omnisend

Although Gameball passes contacts with subscribed status and adds the opt-in date, it doesn't trigger the default welcome automation. Nevertheless, you may always set-up Segment-based automation that will be sent according to the number of points or rank your customer has gained.

Later these values can also be added to the content of the email message:

In Omnisend, you may launch different programs, offer discounts, and send messages through various communication channels, including Email, SMS, and Push Notification.

Troubleshooting contacts' sync

If you completed the integration from the Gameball side, but your contacts or some information about them is not added to Omnisend, you may check if there were any problems in the body of the request sent from Gameball.

To get access to System logs, you need to create a Developers account in Omnisend. Once you can access your store's development console, you can check postBatch requests.

Let's have a look into the short extract of the successful request, where all data was passed to Omnisend successfully. To access the body of the request, click on the View button next to the Request field.

Although you should experience any problems with this integration, you may check the Response to the request here.

  1. Get Batch ID

2. Paste any of the API keys you have created in your Omnisend account and Batch ID here.

Here, you will see the reason for the error and Omnisend response.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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