Wheelio 3rd party app integration with Omnisend allows you to pass all subscribers that are coming in through your Wheelio signup form. You can choose a particular list your contacts get synced to and make sure you always have the latest subscriber list on your Omnisend account.

This feature is available to all Omnisend users on all pricing plans.


Setup process

To begin, you will need to have active accounts on both Omnisend and Wheelio. Once you are all set, follow these steps to integrate your accounts.

Setup on Omnisend

Create an API key on your Omnisend account. You can create an API key by going to Store settings in your Profile menu > Integrations & API > API key > click Create API key

IMPORTANT: make sure you have at least one additional list created on your Omnisend account before you integrate Wheelio. We suggest creating a dedicated list for Wheelio, to easily manage all contacts coming in from that signup form. Here's how you can create a new list on Omnisend.

Setup on Wheelio

Once you have your API key ready and copied, go to your Wheelio account and scroll down to Collected emails section. Go through the following steps to finalise your integration.

  1. On the list of platforms find Omnisend and click Login

2. Paste your API key (created earlier on your Omnisend account). If the API key is incorrect, Wheelio will show you an error message (Please enter a valid API key!).
3. Click Continue.

4. From the dropdown, choose your preferred list on your Omnisend account. It is important that you have at least one additional list created on your account. If you haven't done that, go back to your Omnisend account and create a new list.

5. Enable the integration by clicking on the Enabled toggle.
6. Save the changes by clicking on the Save button at the top right.


Changing synced list

That's it, your new signups will now automatically be transferred to your chosen subscriber list on Omnisend. If you decide to change the list you want to have synced up, simply choose a different one from the dropdown and save your changes by clicking Save button at the top right on your Wheelio account.


Welcome email

Keep in mind, that currently Wheelio only passes signup information and does not initiate the welcome email.

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