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Learn how to create a Landing Page form in the new Form Builder

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A landing page is a signup form that is a standalone web page and uses persuasive elements, like a catchy headline, images, social media links, attention-grabbing CTA buttons, etc., to get visitors to take action on a specific offer. This action could be to sign up, request to visit particular pages, visit your online store, etc. You can share the link to the Landing page on your social media to get more people to subscribe to your contact list.

In this article, we'll tell you how to set up a landing page form for different purposes.


Before you begin

  • Any popup form can be transformed into a Landing page signup form. Also, you can create one from scratch by selecting the Landing page in the Forms Templates Library.

  • There are many ways in which a Landing page can be used. Check some use cases below in this guide.

Setup process

There are two ways how you can start using the Landing Page form in Omnisend.

Option 1.

You can turn any popup form into a Landing page in a few clicks. Either create a new popup form in Forms or edit the one you already have → transform it into a landing page by changing its display type in form Layout Settings → Landing page.

Option 2.

Use the Landing page template from the Forms library to create a Landing page in one click. From the Forms tab, click → Create Form → Landing page → Use template.

Landing Page Settings

Once you create a Landing page, you can adjust its width, choose a background image and placement, and change the signup form placement in the Theme settings.

You can adjust the form width by using a toggle to make your content wider(up to 1000px) or more narrow(min 300px). Please note that this will only change the signup form area, as the Landing page form is taking up the whole website page.

Here you can also decide if you want a background image and choose if your landing page background image should fit into the page or fill it. If you don't want to use a background image, simply click Remove.

Ensure that the main accents in your background image are visible by changing the position of your form on the landing page.

Tip💡If you want to change the background color of your Landing page, navigate to Theme settings → Colors → Background color:

Under Behaviour settings, you will also find a section called Scheduling. Here you can choose a start date, and your form will start working automatically on this day only, in case you are preparing a form for a campaign that has not started yet.

If you are running a sale with a strict end date, choose an end date for your form, which will be turned off automatically.

If you already know when your marketing campaign starts and ends, just choose start and end dates, and the form will be available only between those dates.

By clicking Not Available at the bottom menu, you can edit the not available message so that your customers know if the offer has expired or not started yet when you set up the scheduling.

Set up your Success and Subscribed messages. Those messages are shown to successfully subscribed and already subscribed customers, respectively. You can also set the auto-redirect for your landing page so that the customer is automatically redirected to the desired page after subscribing. Landing pages are usually shared on social media to get external traffic. With this feature, you will not lose visitors after subscribing since it will be possible to redirect to the store.

Moreover, we know how important it is to have a user-friendly message when sharing something important. For this, you can configure how your form will look when sharing on Facebook and other social media in Behaviour settingsSocial Media Sharing settings.

Once you turn on the form, a shareable link will be presented. This link will lead to the Landing page signup form you've created and is ready to be used to share on social media. Once a form is enabled, you can find it in the Behavior settings whenever you need it.

Use Cases

Promote new product arrivals or promotions in your store

Build a landing page promoting new product arrivals or promotions in your store. Online stores are constantly changing, and we know that for sure. Products are being added, removed, and updated within online stores regularly. When you run a small business, it's not enough to just tell people about new products. It would be best if you had a way to show them off on social media and inform customers about the things that matter to them. Also, you can use a catchy title and include keywords related to new product arrivals. Let visitors read an offer saying, "get this product now" or "buy now."

We suggest using a Landing page and sharing it on your social media. You can have a signup field to get new customers or leave it as a standalone page.

Collect more information about existing subscribers

Build a landing page with a signup form and collect more information about existing subscribers. There's so much space for imagination: ask your customers if they want to receive special communication from you (for national holidays, for example) or ask about their preferences for your products (types, variants, sizes, colors, etc.) or any other personal data, like a birthday.

On social media, ask your existing subscribers to click the link and complete the form for an incentive. This will give you more information about your current subscribers. Once you have collected additional data, you will be able to determine what kind of content they want most and how best to serve them in future campaigns and use the data for segmentation as well.

⚠️ Make sure to include an email field to link the updated information to the current profile of your subscriber. The contacts won't be duplicated but simply overwritten with new data collected.

Run a special event or pre-sale campaign
Create a landing page for a special event or pre-sale campaign. Whether it's for a pre-sale or just a special event, having a landing page will help keep people engaged. There are so many ways you can work on your landing page. You could talk about the features and benefits of your product — or offer a discount for early birds. Make sure your campaign is unique and special and provides supporters with something exciting.

Have a gamified contest with Wheel of Fortune

Add a Wheel of Fortune to your page and run a gamified contest. If you run an online store, then you probably have some email subscribers who rarely, if ever, visit your store. With a gamified landing page, your loyal subscribers and new visitors will discover a new game that helps them win a discount for your store. When is the best time to place an order? When you have a discount in your pocket 😀 To get more of these people coming back again and again, why don't you ask them to play the original Wheel of Fortune game?


If I only schedule the form and save it but forget to enable it, will it still work?

No, the form won't work if it's only saved but not enabled. Even if scheduling is set, you have to enable the form since scheduling starts working only after the form is enabled. Once enabled, you will see the form live in the Forms tab; however, it will only work according to its scheduling rules. it will not be live if it is scheduled for the future. The same applies to expired forms. The form will no longer be shown after clicking on the link because the scheduling date has ended, but the form will be shown as active in the Forms tab because it's enabled.

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