Timing your Abandonment flows
Learn how to align your Browsing Abandonment, Product Abandonment and Abandoned Cart flows
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In Omnisend, you can set-up three types of Browsing-based workflows: Browsing Abandonment, Product Abandonment, and Abandoned Cart. We can observe your website visitors' journey throughout this sequence. It starts from viewing the page, leads to checking the product, and finally adding it to the cart. If you didn't add any restrictions to the automation settings, all 3 automations would be triggered for every website visitor.

In this article, we explain what settings should be adjusted so that only one flow from the Abandonment series is triggered.


Adding Exit conditions to the workflow settings

The main difference between these workflows is the amount of data we could capture. In this respect, Product Abandonment is better than Browsing Abandonment because we know what products the visitor was checking and add them to the Email message content. Abandoned Cart flow is better than Product Abandonment one because apart from the products, we can also add a link to the checkout the customer has started.

Following this logic, we should:

  • Add Viewed product Exit condition to the Browse Abandoned flow;

  • Add Abandoned Cart Exit condition to the Product Abandoned flow.

All three flows have the default Exit condition set to Order placed.

That's it! Now you have a smooth transition between your flows πŸš€

Adjusting frequency settings

All of the flows from the Abandonment category have the default frequency value set to 1 day. It means that the same contact won't be able to trigger the sequence for the second time for another 24 hours.

However, it doesn't account for your sequence content, the number of messages, and delays. It might be a great idea to adjust the frequency settings so that the same automation could be triggered only after some time. Maybe you don't want your customers to wait for the discount, or you simply don't want to send the same content.

Be careful when using all of the flows from the Abandonment category. Although they bring the highest conversation rate, they are way less incentivized and expected than any other automation.

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