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Updating Contact Profiles
Updating Contact Profiles

Learn how to add new data or change the identifier

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Every contact added to Omnisend can have two types of identifiers - Email address and Phone number. It will be sufficient to have an Email address or Phone number to add a contact to Omnisend.

If you are adding an existing contact to Omnisend, we are not duplicating the record and do not overwrite it with the new entry. What we do is update the information that we already have and add any of the missing values.

Let's check the diagram.

Here, we can see that both contacts had the same identifier (phone number), so Omnisend was able to locate them both in your list and merge into a single one. You may also notice that the new entry for the name field was replaced in the final record.

It is also important to mention that these identifiers have different priorities. Let's check a few examples:

  • the new record has the email address, the same as one of your contacts does, and the phone number that is different from what that contact has - the phone number is replaced with the latest entry;

  • the new record has the email address, the same as one person's email address, and the phone number the same as another person's phone number - the information will be passed to the contact with the same email address and the phone number field will be ignored.

Changing your contact identifiers in the store platform

If you change the email address or the phone number (if the primary identifier) in your store platform, a new entry will be created in Omnisend. Of course, it is not the best option since the information about your contact purchase behavior and mailing activity will be lost. To solve that problem, we may only recommend changing the identifier in Omnisend first and then in the store platform. In that case, the information won't be lost.

To change the identifier of the contact, proceed to the Audience tab -> click on that person's email address β†’ choose Edit.

That's it! Once you change the email address in both services, your data will be synchronized.

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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