Omnsined contacts data synchronization with Shopify now works two ways, data is synchronized back to Shopify in real time.
On 2019.05.09 we have launched contacts synchronization back to Shopify, which is relevant to contacts created in Omnisend from Shopify-hosted presence, i.e. contacts that have ordered in your online store or have signed-up via Omnisend’s sign up forms.

Contacts that were uploaded manually only to Omnisend app (and not to Shopify) will not be synchronized, as well as contacts that are collected via 3rd party apps outside of Shopify, i.e. Google Forms, Zapier, etc.

How it works

What contact data is transferred to Shopify?

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Subscription status
  • Subscription date
  • First name
  • Last name

When is contact data synchronized?

  • When contact has filled Omnisend form
  • When contact subscription status has changed

When do we sync contact's phone number as an identifier?

  1. Registration or Checkout. If the contact registered or checked out using the phone number instead of email. Note, if Shopify opt-in is not enabled, the contact will get a non-subscribed status in Omnisend.
  2. Checkout with SMS opt-in. If SMS opt-in is enabled, we sync the phone number from the Shipping phone number field as a subscribed status to Omnisend.
  3. Billing information. If the phone number is not available in the first two scenarios, we sync it from the billing section as a non-subscribed status.

If you have connected your Shopify store with Omnisend before 2019.05.09 and want to synchronize your historical data back to Shopify, please write an email to with your account name and Shopify store URL. We will perform historical data synchronization to Shopify for you.

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