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Sales Tax for US businesses
Sales Tax for US businesses
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Omnisend collects US sales tax on all the payments for our services. If you're based in the US, you'll need to provide your State and ZIP/Postal code under billing information. The sales tax will be calculated based on this information.


Before You Start

  • If you are not based in the US, you will not be subject to any US sales taxes.

  • The sales tax rate is different for every state, so you can check it here.

  • Sales tax is applied for these states: PA, OH, AZ, UT, WA, TN, TX, and NY.

How Omnisend Calculates Sales Tax

Based on the ZIP/Postal code provided in your Billing information, Omnisend assigns you the corresponding tax rate. It varies from 1% to 13%. Your company's Billing address can be found by going to Account Management → Billing info → Update info.

Where to Find My Sales Tax Rate

Whenever you'll be making any payment inside your Omnisend account (upgrading to a paid plan, subscribing to an SMS subscription, paying for extra credits, etc.), you'll see your Sales tax rate.

You can find your sales tax rate in Store settings → Pricing plan → Next billing amount, so you will always know how much you need to pay for the upcoming billing cycle.

Also, Sales tax will be shown in your Invoice email.

Sales tax can be found in the invoices that have been issued already, too.

Tax-exempt Organization

If you'd like to register as a tax-exempt organization in Omnisend to avoid paying Sales tax, you should contact our support at [email protected] and provide a reseller certificate/reseller permit. Each state has different requirements for what a reseller certificate should look like and includes different information. To be able to verify your reseller permit on our end, we'll need you to provide this info:

  • Texas: Taxpayer ID, FEI Number, First and Last name

  • Washington: Reseller Permit Number

  • New York: Sales tax identification number

  • Arizona: Transaction Privilege Tax License Number (8 digits)

  • Tennessee: Certificate type, Exemption Number (9 digits)

  • Ohio: Type of business, license number

  • Pennsylvania: REV-1220 Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate

  • Connecticut: business ID and reseller certificate number.

  • Hawaii: DBA Name, ID, First and Last name

Have any additional questions? Talk to us at [email protected].

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