Judge.me powers the product reviews for your e-commerce store. This app helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store. Social proof from reviews and other user-generated content like photos and videos increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.


Benefits of Judge.me - Omnisend integration

Setup process


Benefits of Judge.me - Omnisend integration

With Omnisend <> Judge.me integration, when a review is submitted on Judge.me, the review data will be sent to Omnisend as custom fields, so you can use them to segment your customers and launch email campaigns in Omnisend.

Setup process

From the Omnisend admin dashboard, go to your account section on the top right side, then choose Store settings.

In Store settings, choose Integrations & API > API keys > click 'create API key'.

Keep default settings and name your API key.

Then copy the key you've created.

From the Judge.me admin dashboard, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Email Marketing Integration -> Omnisend -> paste the API key, you've copied. Click Save settings.

That's it, Judge.me will start sending the following data to Omnisend.

  • judge.me_review_body: Content of the review

  • judge.me_review_title: Title of the review

  • judge.me_review_rating: Rating number of the review

  • judge.me_review_product_title: Title of the product where the review is submitted

Note! This integration only works for new reviews, it does not work for old reviews. It means that only new reviews submitted after you've enabled the integration can trigger the data sending process in Omnisend.


Can I collect Judge.me reviews via Omnisend emails? It's not possible, you need to use Judge.me review request emails.

Will imported reviews and reviews created by admin trigger the integration? Imported reviews and reviews created by admin won't trigger Omnisend integration.

What happens if the contact who has written the review isn't in my Omnisend audience? The review data can only be sent if the customer is already on your Omnisend audience list. Keep in mind that it's highly unlikely that customer who'll write review won't be in your contact list unless he/she will use another email address from the one he used to place an order.

Will Judge.me send the review data even if it's not published? Yes, it'll. Judge.me will send the review data to Omnisend for any review created, regardless of whether it'll be published/curated, or not.

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