Integration with Reviews&Ratings

Learn how to integrate Reviews&Ratings with your Omnisend account

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Updated over a week ago is a 3rd party app that will help you collect customer reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand, attract quality traffic and boost sales with strong social proof.

When you integrate Omnisend and you will be able to re-target your customers with highly effective social proof ads and share products with customer feedback.

Before you begin

  • This article explains how to integrate Reviews&Ratings with your Omnisend account. If you want to integrate Loyalty&Rewards with your Omnisend account, check this article;

  •  is only available for merchants that are using the Shopify platform.

Setup process

Here is how you can simply integrate with Omnisend:

1. Head over to Omnisend dashboard and create an API key using the following guide:

2. Proceed to your account ➡️ Settings:

3. Then go the 'Apps' tab which you can find under the 'Apps' section:

4. Find Omnisend among other apps and select it:

5. On the Omnisend integration page click 'Install app' button:

6. Then you'll need to paste the API key into the 'Instructions' section and click 'Save':

Note! Page refresh might be needed after installing Omnisend to see the 'Instructions' section field.

And that’s it! Review Created custom event will be created in your Omnisend account after you click 'Save' button.

How it works

Once you have connected with Omnisend, each time your clients leave a product review via an event in Omnisend will be triggered. Based on that event you can set up and send messages using custom automation workflows

More, you can segment contacts based on your rewards program information and use those segments for more relevant marketing. 

Custom events will be created and triggered from to Omnisend in real-time. Custom event for is named “ Review Created” and it has these fields:

  • Review rating - the value of submitted product review

  • Review title - the title of the submitted review

  • Review message - the content of the submitted review

  • Review user photos - URL of uploaded client’s photo

  • Review user videos - URL of uploaded client’s video

  • Product name - title of a product that was reviewed

  • Product URL - URL of a product that was reviewed

The following Contacts custom property will be created and will be updated in real-time:

  • Stamped.io_latest_review_rating - your clients latest review score submitted via

Note: historical data will not be uploaded.

Use case

You can segment contacts based on data provided by and send custom workflow emails, such as:

  • Thank your clients for the review submitted via and send automated personalized emails to them. Do not forget to include custom events fields into the email to provide the best user experience.

  • Segment your clients based on the latest product review score submitted via (i.e. 1-2 stars), then create and send a special campaign to improve their user experience.

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