Integration with GoAffPro

Learn how to integrate GoAffPro with your Omnisend account

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GoAffPro helps you to set up an affiliate program for your e-commerce website.

Set up commission rates, create discount coupons, see statistics such as sales, payouts, top partners, etc, and much more. Integrate GoAffPro with Omnisend to pass affiliates' data to Omnisend.

Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing integration Omnisend


Setup Process

In order to connect GoAffPro to Omnisend, you need to generate an API key in Omnisend. Check this guide API Key in your Omnisend account. Once the API key is created, copy it to your clipboard.

Then open your GoAffPro account -> go to the Settings tab -> find Omnisend under the Integrations section and click 'Setup' button:

On the next step, paste the API key that you've created and check whether you want the contacts coming from GoAffPro to trigger the Welcome workflow (Signup trigger).

Once you click submit, all the existing affiliates from your GoAffPro audience will be synced to Omnisend. Also, any approved affiliate added to your GoAffPro audience in the future will be synced to Omnisend as well.

What data is passed

All GoAffPro affiliates data is synced to Omnisend in 3 scenarios:

  • the moment the integration is enabled;

  • every time new affiliate is approved in GoAffPro, it's synced to Omnisend;

  • when you click 'Re-sync' button.

These properties are synced to Omnisend, if available in GoAffPro:

  • Email with subscribed status;

  • Phone with subscribed status;

  • Email opt-in date;

  • SMS opt-in date;

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Country code;

  • State;

  • City;

  • Zip code;

  • coupon (custom property);

  • ref_code (custom property).

  • tags: goaffpro, affiliate.

Here's an example contact synced from GoAffPro:

If you update an existing affiliate's data in GoAffPro, it won't be synced to Omnisend automatically, but you can click 're-sync' button on the Integrations page in your GoAffPro account settings and new data will replace the old one that has been synced previously:

Welcome email for GoAffPro affiliates

If you want GoAffPro affiliates to receive your regular Welcome email, you need to check 'Send welcome email' checkbox on the Omnisend Integration setup page:

Then contacts synced from GoAffPro will trigger your Welcome workflow based on Signup trigger (only if they weren't in the audience previously).

If you want contacts synced from GoAffPro app to receive a different email, you'll need to create a segment based on 'goaffpro' tag:

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger, and select your segment as trigger filter:

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