Integration with Happy Birthday app

Learn how to integrate Happy Birthday app with your Omnisend account

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Happy Birthday is a 3rd party app that will help you build brand loyalty with automated birthday discount rewards

Happy Birthday integration with Omnisend will allow you to synchronize your contacts' birthday dates that are collected via the Happy Birthday Email & Discount app. You will then be able to use that information to trigger Birthday automation emails via Omnisend.


Before you start

  • Currently this integration is available for Shopify stores

  • All Omnisend plan users can integrate with Happy Birthday app


  • Collect your customer's sign-ups and birthday dates at your store check-out, after completing a transaction or by sharing a link to the Landing Page inserted to your website.

  • Trigger custom automation on the customer's sign-up.

  • Use the Birthday date to trigger Birthday automation on your customers' special day.

Setup process

Here is how you can integrate Happy Birthday with Omnisend:

1. Install the Happy Birthday App into your store. And make sure you have Omnisend app already installed!

2. In your Happy birthday account click on the Integrations tab > find Omnisend > click Enable Omnisend

3. Then click Configure your Omnisend settings button:

4. Create an API Key in your Omnisend account, here is a tutorial how to do it, paste it into the API Key field in your Happy Birthday account > hit Save

That's it! Your contacts' birthday dates will now sync from Happy Birthday app to Omnisend.

Capturing new subscribers and information they provide

When the integration with Omnisend is complete from the Happy Birthday side, your email subscribers will be added to Omnisend immediately. However, apart from the email address, you may also push your customers' data.

Now, let's check how these properties are assigned to the customer's profile.

While other applications might not be able to assign the value to the default field, Happy Birthday app does it and can trigger Birthday automation.

Greet your customer on sign-up

Birthdate application doesn't trigger the default Welcome automation, but you may set-up custom automation. There are a few properties you need to consider, when setting-up the Segment settings for the automation workflow trigger:

  • customers are passed with subscribed status;

  • the opt-in and birth dates are assigned to the customer's profile.

In other words, you may set-up a Segment of the customers having the opt-in date assigned, just keep in mind, your default Welcome automation is also sent to these customers. In other words, you need to cancel the default automation.

Trigger Birthday automation

Once Happy Birthday app is connected with Omnisend, the birthday dates of your clients will become available in Omnisend. Your default Birthday email automation workflow will trigger the workflow on successful sign-up.

This automation will provide you with another opportunity to great your customers, offer some incentives with the Discount code element, and encourage your customers to make a sale.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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