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UpViral is a powerful viral marketing application available to businesses and enterprises of any size. It allows you to whip up a frenzy of social shares and new referrals, host giveaways to create a huge buzz and generate leads on demand, get the ultimate edge with a viral waitlist.

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Integrate UpViral with Omnisend and pass all the contact information collected by your UpViral Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by UpViral Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Setup Process

Go to the Omnisend App Market and search for UpViral or you can simply open this page:

Once you're on the UpViral integration page, click the 'Connect now' button:

The API key will be generated automatically. Copy it and proceed to the Integrately account, but don't click the 'Confirm' button and don't close the page yet.

Then open your UpViral account, proceed to Settings page. Go to Integrations tab and click on 'Add new autoresponder' button:

In the window that will appear, select Omnisend in the Autoresponder Name dropdown. Then paste the API key that you've created in your Omnisend account in the API key field.

Click Add button and Omnisend will appear in the list of the existing autoresponders.

Next step is to open your UpViral campaign and select Omnisend as autoresponder.

Then map all the fields in UpViral to Omnisend properties:

If property doesn't exist in Omnisend, as 'Personal invite link' on the screenshot above, create a name for it yourself and it'll be passed under that name to Omnisend, as custom property.

Now go back to the UpViral page in the Omnisend App Market and click the 'Confirm' button:

What data is passed

Here's a list of the property names in Omnisend. If you're collecting any of these in UpViral, just add it to 'Field name of autoresponder' field. Then it'll be mapped correctly.


Email address (mapped automatically)


First name (mapped automatically)


Last name


Country name






Street, house number, apartment


Contact's postal or zip code.


Contact's gender. Can be: m - male, f - female (m or f should be collected in UpViral or the value won't be passed to Omnisend)


Birthdate. Example: 1981-11-05 (make sure it's collected in correct format in UpViral: YYYY-MM-DD)


Phone number (will be passed with non-subscribed status)

Also, make sure to add specific tag to each of your UpViral campaigns. So, you'll know which one was the source of each specific contact.

Once you've mapped all the properties hit Save button and run a test to check if all properties are passed correctly.

Welcome emails for UpViral subscribers

To send welcome emails to contacts passed from UpViral, you'll need to create a segment based on the 'source:upviral' tag.

Then create Welcome automation by going to Automation tab ➡️ New Workflow ➡️ Welcome. You can copy your Welcome automation if you already have one and would like to use the same workflow for UpViral subscribers.

Then switch the Signup trigger to Contact enters a segment. Set the segment that you've created on the first step, as a trigger filter.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact UpViral Support team and they'll be able to advise on all the aspects of the integration.

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